Graupner looks back on a successful history, which begins in 1930 in Stuttgart-Wangen. Johannes Graupner founded his company for fretwork and wood toys. Just a few years later Graupner moves to Kirchheim unter Teck where Graupner still is located until today. The product range grew quickly. The first kit for a glider model was very successful and beloved. The "Graubele 1" was in many cases the cornerstone for the fascinating model Hobby.

Graupner sells plans and materials for Ship models, Airplanes models and manufactures accessories for model trains. With the Diesel motor model "Taifun" Graupner opens new markets. Already in the 1950's years Graupner means innovation. The Graupner remote controller Bellaphon is one of the first transmitter produced in large scale on the German market. The model "Der kleine UHU" - meanwhile at the eighth edition, always improved and perfected - underlines the tradition of Graupner, that is until today a must.

Graupner supports and promotes new trends and developments within the scene, in model making and model sports.

Close coordination with top developers, pilots and drivers always had a central role in Graupner. A premise that is valid until today. The daily gained experiences are consistently incorporated into the further developments and innovations.

The Graupner engagement is noticeable for example through our G-FPV race series, a Racing Series specially founded for Quadcopter. The goal of the Series is to grant an exciting and fair competition with a unique regulatory framework. So that to every pilot with his up to 100 km/h fast Race Copter is granted a very lot of fun.

Graupner is always engaged in the fields of aircraft models, RC boats and RC cars and substains competitions, championships and events.

The Graupner portfolio now includes everything you need to be able to fully live the RC model making and model sports hobby - from the detailed models of the Premium Line up to the Graupner Championship models for competitions.

Proof of Graupner's high quality are the many awards and prizes that Graupner has received during the years for her products. – no matters if Transmitters with HoTT - technology, Speed controller, Receiver, Airplane models, Ship models, Car models, Helicopter or Multicopter – in every area the Graupner models and accessory parts are at the top. Graupner is exclusive partner for Beta Tires, the high performance- O.S. Motors, the Hobao models and the SOAR Championship Racer so as Motorex, DryFluid, and UHU products.

Graupner means innovation in RC model making, high value manufacturing and technical high performance. The high functionality of the Graupner transmitters, speed controllers and receivers, the consistent use of the most actual materials - from Solidpor, though carbon fiber, up to aluminum - the Graupner models are technically first class and particularly durable.

Graupner is until today faithful to the Kirchheim/Tech location. 85 years experience unleash the ambition to continue to discover new trends and promote them the best. Faithful to the motto: Graupner - Lebe dein Hobby.