X-8N 4 Channel 2.4GHz HoTT Transmitter
X-8N 4 Channel 2.4GHz HoTT Transmitter

X-8N 4 Channel 2.4GHz HoTT Transmitter

P/N: S1018


  • 4 Channel 2.4GHz Graupner HoTT technology
  • Bi-directional communication between transmitter and receiver
  • Adjustable steering wheel angle
  • Removable steering wheel position for left hand use
  • Trims can be moved for left and right hand use
  • Adjustable gas and brake lever
  • Wireless telemetry setup and programming
  • Headphone jack
  • Real-time voice announcements
  • Micro SD card for telemetry data recording 
  • New GR-8 receiver supporting SUMD V2 bus system
  • Selectable frame rates: 1.5ms, 3.0ms, SUMD V2 3.0ms, 6.0ms, 12.0ms and 24.0ms
  • 4 wheel steering mode with dual ESC
  • Ultrafast response times through direct data transmission from the main processor
  • Multiple model copy functions including to SD card
  • Super dual rate and expo menu
  • Clocks for refueling stops and running time
  • Round time stop function
  • Servo speed settings
  • Throttle travel settings
  • Brake settings
  • Anti-locking system for the brake
  • Mixer and brake mixer
  • Special mixers and modes for crawlers, track vehicles, and boats with two motors
  • Telemetry can be switched off for competition
  • Programmable Failsafe


The X-8N is a competition-grade radio for cars, boats and tank operations.  If you are looking for a radio that is packed with features, real-time voice telemetry and dozens of add-on expansions, then the Graupner X-8N is the radio for you.

The X-8N is powered by a 4000mAh that provides hours of operation. You are always connected with your vehicle through built-in voice telemetry capabilities that relay real-time information of main pack/receiver voltage, engine/receiver temperatures, and RF signal quality.

When used in conjunction with our GM Racing line of telemetry speed controllers, the X-8N enhances your racing experience with real-time motor information like RPM, speed, and current/remaining battery capacity. These parameters can be configured to inform you of important changes to your system, such as low battery or high temperatures that require immediate attention.

Ease-of-use is further enhanced by allowing you to configure directly from the radio all our telemetry and product settings (such as GPS, servos and ESCs).  Programming cards and computer links are no longer needed to setup or make quick changes to the system.  Just use the X-8N wireless access features and you will be up and running in no time.

The X-8N provides a complete data log for each race, storing all critical information on the SD memory card which can be analyzed to improve your system's reliability and performance.  With free Graupner Update Studio downloads you can view your model data on the screen and oversee all aspects of your time on the track!  If you want to further enhance your X-8N radio you can add the Bluetooth Module (P/N S8351) for Android phone or tablet, allowing you, your spotters and your fans to follow a real-time overview and progression of your race.  


  • Graupner HoTT X-8N
  • LiPo 4000mAh TX Battery
  • Graupner HoTT V2 GR-8 Telemetry Receiver
  • Temperature & Voltage Telemetry Sensor
  • Left-handed Assembly Set
  • 4Gb SD Card 
  • Transmitter Charger
  • USB Software Update Board
  • USB Update Cable
  • Manual

I have been using this radio for six months or so. I really love it. The telemetry is amazing. The nitro car functions are also amazing. You can't beat the price on the receivers and servos. Very high value. The throttle trigger is adjustable. The ergonomics of the drop down steering wheel are great.
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Reviewed by:  from Fort Collins, Colorado on 4/18/2016
I have had a Graupner MZ-18 for quite some time now, when it came time to buy a radio for surface use it was a no brainer for me. I did however do extensive research and still kept coming back to the X8-N. The Telemetry, ease of use, look, feel this radio had it all for me. Did i mention the telemetry... I now use this for 3 different trucks and a RC Boat. Buying from GraupnerUSA ended up being the best deal with the free case which is a great addition. I really only have 1 complaint, the antenna. I know it needs to be there but I do wish all Graupner radios had it without the large aerial. Thanks guys!
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Reviewed by:  from DFW Texas on 11/16/2016
Good stuff !!
This radio is on-par with any other top brand out there. The adjust-ability and functionality are superb for the price range. Download the online manual, read it and see all of the amazing things this system can do. The radio comes complete with battery, a NICE case, SD card, receiver and wiring adapters. Well done Graupner...... But wait !! Look what I found.... Graupner X-8E-4-Channel-2.4GHz-HoTT-Color-TFT-Surface-Radio The X-8E looked so good, and I am familiar with the Graupner brand, that I just recently purchased one and gave the X-8N to my son who was using the stock radios that come with most models today... He now uses only one radio system, the X-8N for the 4 RC cars that he currently has. Review on the X-8E coming soon !!
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Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from USA on 11/24/2016
Price is very affordable compared to other high end transmitters. If you compare specs, the X8n is rite up there with the Futaba's and Airtronics, actually the latency is faster on the X8n. Coupled with the ESC, having the ability to control speed control settings from the radio is a huge plus in my book. If I had to find something I would change, that would be the grip. Would have been nice to have a foam or rubberized grip, instead of plastic. Other than that, this radio system great!
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Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from Houston on 7/11/2016
Great Radio
Work awesome lot of useful features can't wait to see how will the dual ESC setting work
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Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from Marion, IA on 4/30/2017
The X8-N is a big big bang for your dollar. It has a good weight to it, the steering and throttle trigger has a good feel to it. With all the options and accessories with the telemetry capabilities where can you go wrong. Get this radio in your hand and see what I'm talking about.
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Reviewed by:  from Parma Michigan on 8/15/2018
Looks good feels good in the hand,the grip is a little slippery but I can fix that.haven't used it yet so don't know how it performs yet.
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Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from Wallingford on 2/6/2017