mz-10 5 Channel 2.4GHz HoTT Transmitter
mz-10 Front View

mz-10 5 Channel 2.4GHz HoTT Transmitter

P/N: S1001.1


  • User-friendly interface on an 8 LED screen
  • Quad ball bearing gimbals for smooth operation
  • HoTT bi-directional 2.4GHz technology
  • Updateable firmware with the free Graupner Update Studio
  • High reliability with 75 frequency-hopping channels to ensure operating reliability
  • Warning and alarm function with HoTT SmartBox (sold seperately)
  • External DSC port for telemetry modules and sensors (sold seperately)
  • Selectable 10ms, 20ms of the signal rate supporting analogue and digital servos
  • Wireless trainer system


  • Dual rate on channel 2 4 at 70% and 100%
  • Servo reversal
  • 3 wing types (Delta Wing, 2 Aileron, V-tail)
  • 4 stick modes (MODE 1, MODE 2, MODE 3, MODE 4)


  • mz-10 transmitter
  • Alkaline 4 cell
  • Battery holder


The 5 channel Graupner mz-10 radio is a popular entry-level radio. Its high-precision quad ball bearing gimbals provide smooth and comfortable stick control.  It shares the same Hopping Telemetry Transmission (HoTT) technology as our more advanced radios, providing safe and worry-free flights by hopping over 75 2.4 GHz channels to secure the most reliable, interference-free operating channel. 

The mz-10 is packed with features such as dual rates, servo reversal, different wing types and wireless trainer. With the SmartBox and numerous available telemetry modules (sold separately), the mz-10 can be enhanced to show real-time telemetry (e.g. battery voltage, signal strength, altitude, speed, etc.).  This information is integral in increasing your situational awareness and adding extra flight safety.

The mz-10 is a full-range radio and is suitable to for multirotors, airplanes, helicopters and any of our “Ready for HoTT” products.  The wireless trainer system allows the mz-10 radio to be used with any other Graupner HoTT radio, allowing everyone to learn or teach about the exciting experiences this hobby has to offer.