GR-18AIR 9CH Airplane and Helicopter (FBL) Flight Controller Receiver
GR-18AIR 9CH Airplane and Helicopter (FBL) Flight Controller Receiver

GR-18AIR 9CH Airplane and Helicopter (FBL) Flight Controller Receiver

P/N: S1019.AIR


Power and simplicity are the hallmarks of the Graupner GR-18AIR. Engineered with an integrated flight controller for flybarless helicopters and an airplane 3-axis stabilization gyro, this is one of the most advanced 2.4 GHz receiver ever made by Graupner. The GR-18AIR is a long-range receiver with diversity antennas using the Graupner HoTT protocol to provide real-time telemetry data of signal strength receiver voltage and temperature all to assist you during flight to enhance situational awareness and safety.

Setting up an airplane or helicopter model or telemetry thresholds is done directly from your HoTT radio, wireless over the air. No computers or programming boxes necessary! Need to make a change to the PID or adjust the gyro? Simply land and make on-the-spot changes at the field or you can assign a control to do so even in the air during flight!

The GR-18 can be expanded with additional telemetry modules (GPS, OSD, ESC, Vario Telemetry, etc.) for continual improvement of your system’s reliability and performance.


  • Airplane Mode: three axes gyro stabilization with remote gain/deflection control
  • Helicopter Mode: Flybarless controller with remote gain control
  • Ultra-fast gyros and accelerometer sensors for fast and crisp response
  • Wireless setup of all controller features and functions
  • Built-in telemetry for signal strength, temperatures and receiver voltage
  • Upgradable firmware using Graupner Firmware Update Studio


The GR-18AIR is identical to the GR-18 receiver with the exception that it has no built-in altimeter (Vario) and can only be used in airplane and helicopter mode.

The installed firmware is version 2.04


  • GR-18AIR 3XG+3A+ Receiver


Works fine
I am happy with the receiver. Works as expected. I had problems binding because instructions are incorrect. It says in binding mode "(green and red LED on the receiver are flashing)". For me the LED was always solid red. You have to press and hold the SET button, and initiate binding on the transmitter. Only after the binding is done release the SET button on the receiver.
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Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from San Diego on 1/1/2020
For a couple of months, I hesitated setting up the GR-18Air. At 70 y.o., I expected a very steep learning curve. With repetitious viewings of the Graupner Flight Controller YT videos, I got ‘er done! From start to finish, the MZ-24 video gave me a very good grasp on setting up my gyro. The G-OpenHobby online forum did a great job providing feedback and guidance, also. Thanks G-USA. Installed into a trusted 60 glow-powered sport plane, and after initial tests for correct control surface deflection, out to the field it went for its first flight. After trimming for level flight, the wind gusts were buffeting the plane. I turned on the gyro and moved my fingers to the DV4 rotary knob for adjustments. None needed for Normal mode. The cross wind was handled very well. The buffeting was gone. I was very impressed and comfortable with how smoothed out the flight became with the GR-18 on. Not being a 3D flyer, I did not try the Hold or Rate modes. I am an old guy, and this was enough excitement for me. Now, I can foresee more comfortable flying while the GR-18 handles the bumps. Bring it on Texas gusts!
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Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from San Antonio, TX on 11/21/2019