HoTT Bluetooth® Module v2.1+EDR mc-16/20
HoTT Bluetooth Module

HoTT Bluetooth® Module v2.1+EDR mc-16/20

P/N: 33002.5


Stay up-to-date with real-time telemetry updates and voice notifications using the Graupner Bluetooth Module v2.1+EDR by connecting your Graupner HoTT mc-radio to an Android Smartphone or Tablet. 

Simply install the Graupner HoTT Meter Viewer on your device and, depending on your installed telemetry modules, telemetry information will be displayed directly on your handheld device. When enabled, telemetry and voice output will continue to be provided on your radio, as well as audio output to your headset!

Install a GPS module and have fun tracking your flight, speed, distance and heading with Google™ Earth or Google™ Maps. This exciting capability assists your spotter/team member in monitoring your model systems without distraction, increasing situational and operational safety.


  • Real-Time telemetry data display via Android Smartphone or Tablet
  • Voice output to Bluetooth headset
  • Selectable voice notifications
  • Setting of alarm thresholds
  • Voice output can be set to cycle automatically
  • Overlay tracking data on Google™ Earth or Google™ Maps (requires HoTT GPS Module P/N S8437, sold separately)


  • mc-16 HoTT
  • mc-20 HoTT


  • Any HoTT receiver
  • General Sensor
  • Electric Sensor
  • Vario Sensor
  • GPS Sensor
  • Graupner Telemetry ESCs
  • Voltage Modules





  • Graupner Bluetooth Module v2.1+EDR for mc-radios
  • Manual