DES 476 BB Torque 11.5mm Digital Servo
DES 476 BB Servo

DES 476 BB Torque 11.5mm Digital Servo

P/N: 7915


Equipped with precision components such as ball bearings and carbon gears designed for durability and long life operation, the Graupner DES 476 BB Thin Digital Servo delivers great torque, speed and holding power in a compact and lightweight case.  The low dead-band, high torque and speed make the DES 476 BB the perfect choice for electric airplanes, sailplanes and small helicopters. 

The DES 476 BB can be specially programmed to meet your unique specifications via the free Graupner Servo Setup Software.


  • Digital servo featuring dynamic torque, excellent Speed, superior response and holding torque
  • Programmable Digital Circuit and SMT circuitry
  • 1024 high resolution
  • Supporting 1-16µ depending on programming
  • Covering the wide range of frame rate 20Hz-400Hz
  • 10-bit processing circuit


  • Electric airplanes
  • Sailplanes, ALES, F5J, F3B, F3J
  • Small Helicopters


  • DES 476 BB Standard Digital Servo
  • Horn set