DES 718 BBMG 180° 19.5mm Digital Servo
DES 718 BB, MG 180 Degrees Servo

DES 718 BBMG 180° 19.5mm Digital Servo

P/N: 7947


Equipped with precision components like ball bearings and heavy-duty metal gears to increase durability and longevity, the Graupner DES 718 BBMG 180° Standard Digital Servo is the ultimate combination of weight, speed and holding power.  The low dead-band technology, high-speed, real-time responses, and Graupner’s exclusive programmable digital circuits makes the DES 718 BBMG a reliable and excellent performing servo.  Ideal choice for high-travel distance motor and glider models, as well as boats.

The DES 718 BBMG can be specially programmed to meet your unique specifications via the free Graupner Servo Setup Software.


  • 180° range of motion
  • Digital servo featuring dynamic torque, excellent speed, superior response and holding torque
  • Programmable Digital Circuit and SMT circuitry
  • 1024 high resolution
  • Supporting 1-16µ depending on programming
  • Covering the wide range of frame rate 20Hz-400Hz
  • 10-bit processing circuit


  • DES 718 BBMG Standard Digital Servo
  • Horn set