Deutsches Team erfolgreich mit Graupner

German team successful with Graupner!

At the F3B World Championship in the Netherlands, the German team was able to show an awesome performance. All team members use Graupner transmitters (3 x mx-20, 1 x mc-20, 1 x mc-32) combined with the GR-16 receiver.


Result 20. F3B World Championship in Deelen/NL from 07.27. - 2015-08-01:


World champion team: Germany

World champion Seniors: Martin Herrig

World champion juniors: Johannes Krischke


1. Place: Marrtin Herrig

2. Place: Andreas Herrig

5. Place: Thomas Dylla

7. Place: Andreas Kunz

20. Place: Johannes Krischke

Congratulations and keep it up!

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