HVC 881 BBMG High-Speed 20mm HV CL Digital Servo
HVC 881 BBMG High-Speed 20mm HV CL Digital Servo

HVC 881 BBMG High-Speed 20mm HV CL Digital Servo

P/N: S4077


Designed for durability and extreme operations with features such as ball bearings and metal gears, the Graupner HVC 881 High-Speed High-Voltage Coreless servo takes advantage of higher voltage inputs (up to 8.4V) to provide great performance ideally suited for large scale airplane, sailplane and helicopter models.

The HVC series servos are powered by coreless motors which provide speed and holding power with low dead band technology for extra reliability and precision, as well as aluminum heat-sinks for lower operating temperatures and better run times.  All HVC servos can be programmed to your unique specifications with our PC-based servo software.


  • Coreless motor
  • High Voltage
  • At least five times more durable and 30% faster response times than brushed servos
  • Small current consumption equivalent of 5.0V class Digital Servo
  • Programmable Digital Circuit and SMT circuitry
  • 2048 high resolution
  • Supporting 1-16µ depending on programming
  • Wide frame rate range of 20Hz-400Hz
  • 12-bit processing circuit (At least twice resolution comparing to 10-bit processing circuit)


  • Swash servo for 700-800 size helicopters
  • IMAC class airplanes
  • Large 3D airplanes
  • Large scale sailplanes
  • Large scale airplanes


  • HVC 881 BBMG High-Voltage Coreless Digital Servo
  • Horn set