mz-10 2.4GHz Multirotor and Drone Radio
mz-10 2.4GHz Multirotor and Drone Radio

mz-10 2.4GHz Multirotor and Drone Radio

P/N: S1001.G1.77


  • Provides control for throttle, rudder, aileron and elevator
  • Preset switch for motor on/off
  • Momentary switch preset for auto flip
  • Toggle switch for switching lights on/off (channel 6 and 7)
  • Extended range when flying mini copters such as the Alpha 110
  • Immediate and easy binding
  • Smart Box enhances radio functionality (not included)
  • Smooth control gimbals with 8 ball bearings
  • USB control board
  • Free firmware upgrade with Graupner Update Studio


  • Graupner mz-10C 2.4GHz Transmitter
  • Batteries
  • User manual


Drone and multirotor flying has never been easier with the specially dedicated Graupner mz-10C radio and the award-winning GR-18C.  Simply bind the Alpha 110, Alpha 300Q, Hornet 250 (or any copter that uses the GR-18C or GR-10C) and you are ready to go!


Supporting up to 9 control functions, the mz-10C radio switches are already pre-set for functions: motor on/off, attitude or rate mode, auto flip and optional channel switching.  Bind multiple copters for simple switching between multiple models with a GR-18C or GR-10C flight controller.


The mz-10C is ideal for flying FPV!  The side rubber grips result in a stable, locked-in feeling and the lightweight, small size makes reaching for switches easy during flight.  You won’t need to look down at the radio while wearing goggles.


Got an Alpha 110?  Bind it to the mz-10C to substantially increase the radio range while retaining all its features.


Connect your mz-10C to a Smart Box (sold separately - P/N 33700) and accesses all your flight controller settings, make changes to your PID’s, and even view real-time telemetry information from your copter.  Use this information to enhance your model’s safety and performance.



FLIGHT CONTROLLER NOT INCLUDED!  For compatible flight controllers, visit the Drone Controllers section of our website, located on the Multirotor/Electronics page.


FOR MULTIROTOR MODELS ONLY!  To fly other models (multirotor, airplanes and helicopters) check out the Graupner mz-12 radio (P/N S1002.G1) which can do all of that and more. Our radio section will show you a wide range of radios and systems capable of supporting models other than multirotors.