AZM Trailer centrale module for Graupner Kingpads

This trailer module is a great all-rounder. It is connected to the tractor via infrared. For data transmission, an infrared transmitter module must be installed in the tractor.

In addition to the normal Kingbus light modules, two motors can be connected to this trailer module. Thus, e.g. the supports or ramps are operated on the trailer. Each motor can also be equipped with a limit switch. The necessary preparations have already been made. All you need to do is connect the limit switches to the supplied cable.

The module has an input for a potentiometer. This measures the bending angle between tractor and semi-trailer. For this purpose, a separate parts kit will be offered in the near future. In the steering axle control can be switched between "caster" and "reverse" (by pressing a button on the Kingpad). In addition, it is possible to manually control the axes in the desired steering angle - also by pressing a button on the Kingpad!

Furthermore, up to 16 LEDs (side marker lights) can be connected in series to the module. The luminosity can be steplessly dimmed with the potentiometer on the module. The LEDs turn on with the parking light.

With an additional Kingpad, which is mounted on the trailer, the motors (supports / ramps) can be operated without infrared connection to the tractor. This is helpful if e.g. the tractor was already cleared after a day of driving, but the ramps on the trailer still have to be folded.

All these special functions can be operated via the existing Kingpad No.3974.32. With the "S-key" can be switched to a second level. The normal buttons of the light functions are used for the special functions (supports, ramps, fifth wheel, steering axles). The pictograms are arranged between the buttons, see illustration Kingpad mc-32 (No.3974.32)
An even more comfortable control is possible with the individual Kingpads (No.3974.1 and 3974.2). The second control level is directly arranged on the switching pad No.3974.2 and thus the functions can be operated directly without having to switch the pad from light to switching function.

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