Euro B Warmup

Max Hesse participated in Nitro and Elo class. Even in the first practice on Friday, Max achieved great results and made us hungry for more. From the first run, Max had a great feeling for the track wuth his HoBao Hyper VS PRO.

So the pre-runs were good as well and Max was able to secure a great fitfth place in Nitro class and a spectecular second place in the brushless class. This placements allowed him to be part of both A-finals.

In Elo class everything went well and Max reched an amazing second place.Starting from position five Max took the lead. Unfortunately Max expirienced some problems with his front tire and so we had to change it after 20 minutes. Because of this, Max finished at 88th position in Nitro.

We had a great weekend and looking forward to the Euro-B event!

 Material: HoBao Hyper VS Pro,  OS Speed ,Genius Pro 180 Regler, Hott X8E Fernsteuerung ,Graupner RS25 Treibstoff, Graupner Tuningteile für HoBao

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