First race for Nico und Florian Schmid

The Graupner / GM racing team drivers Nico and Florian Schmid started in the classes 2 and 4WD Buggy  at the traditional winter champs in Hohenems.

The race, which takes place every year on the first weekend of January, is one of the biggest indoor races in the year, with 160 entries and all the top riders from Switzerland, Germany and Austria.


For the first time, the brand new X-8E remote control was used by both drivers. Both Nico and Florian had no problems with the new radio during the whole race.


To the race

Nico found himself on the third grid position in the A finals (both classes) after four runs.

For Florian, it was position 6 in 2WD and 5 in 4WD.

 In the finals, it was very difficult to reach a higher position because the level was very high. Nevertheless, Nico finished on 2nd position at the 4 WD`s.

Florian was able to get fifth place in  4WD class.


In the 2WD`s, Nico was able to defend his starting place and stayed in the third place.

Florian fell back one place and finished the race on rank 7.


Used material

Channel: Graupner X8E

Regulator: GM Racing 120 V2

Engine: GM Racing Race 6.5 and 7.5 T

Battery: GM Racing Shorty 4500 Mha.

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