Indoor GP Bütschwil (CH) 2018

The GP 2018 1/8 Off Road Nitro and Elo Class took place in Bütschwil last weekend.

Graupner factory drivers Max Hesse and Sven Rodewald represented Graupner.

Max started in both classes and Sven in the nitro class. After the free practice a timed training took place, where the three fastest laps counted for classification.

Max ended the training as TQ, Sven reached a strong 3rd place.

In the Elo class Max reached the second place.

After the training there were four pre-runs in each class, the three best runs were decisive.

After the Nitro heats Max was in third place and Sven in tenth, in the Elo class Max took second place.

The semifinals were unspectacular for Max, so he could reach the first starting position elo class and the second in the nitro class. Unfortunately, Sven had to accept a defeat in the semi-final.

 Max won the extremely exciting 45-minute nitro final with 103 laps in front of of Alex Schmitt and Aaron Münster with 102 laps. In addition, Max was able to win the A-final of the Elo class as well.


Used material:

-       HoBao Hyper VS Pro

-       OS Speed Ty Tessmann Low Profile

-       RS 25 Fuel

-       Radio X-8E HoTT

-       The new Graupner Panther Servos



- 180R WiFI ESC

- 2000KV GM Motor

- 4S LiPo Power Pack

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