Nautik Beginner Set

Ship ahoy!

Our mz-10, in this special set, is the ideal beginner radio for young captains. It works with the professional HoTT system and jumps over 75 frequencies for a secure connection to the model. The Speed Profi 40 can supply marine engines with up to 40A at 7-12 volts. The integrated BEC supplies the ruddersevo and the receiver. The GR-12l receiver offers plenty of connectivity with low weight and small dimensions. Thus, he fits in small boats. In addition to driving and steering, 5 channels offer further options such as the connection of switching modules (SXM, SXH) for sound or smoke generators, additional servos and sail winches for special functions.

A telemetry display (No.33700) can be installed at any time. Thus telemetry values such as speed and power consumption as well as warning thresholds such as motor temperature and maximum current are available for the mz-10. (In conjunction
with GEM No.33610, 33612)

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