Parrot Disco and Graupner Radios

Automatic Pairing with Graupner’s Radio controllers and Parrot Disco



Model aircraft enthusiasts and users of the latest radio controllers from Graupner[1] can now enjoy automatic pairing with the Parrot Disco fixed wing drone, as well as access to two brand new pre-settings – Assisted or Manual modes. Expert drone pilots and beginners alike will now be able to switch easily from one mode to another, at any time while flying.

  • Assisted Mode: For those who want to get into piloting a fixed-wing.

The unparalleled, advanced computing power of Parrot Disco’s autopilot secures each phase of its flight - from take-off to landing – and offers perfect stability of the drone to prevent stalling. This means that the pilot can concentrate on manoeuvring the Parrot Disco only while getting used to fixed wing piloting. At any time during flight, the pilot will be able to switch directly from their Graupner radio control to « Manual Mode ».

Note: Before piloting the Parrot Disco using the « Assisted Mode », pilots can activate the « Geofence » feature and preset a flying zone (maximum distance, minimum/maximum altitude) via the FreeFlight Pro app on a connected smartphone or tablet.

  • Manual Mode: for experienced drone pilots

Using this mode, the Parrot Disco autopilot is deactivated and the flight is managed without any assistance provided – handing over control to the pilot and their radio controller. This includes the Parrot Disco’s stability, speed optimisation, and flight altitude. At any time, the « Assisted Mode »can be activated directly from Graupner radio controller and the Parrot Disco autopilot takes control of each flight parameters’ (speed, servomotors management…) and maintains drone stabilisation.

[1] Automatic pairing and pre-settings available on Graupner mz-12PRO, mz-24PRO, mc-26 and mc-28 radio controllers. Here you will find the files and the functional sheet.

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  • Finding Settings

    This is a good news, but where can we found these pre-settings and the procedure to pair a Disco with these RC’s?
    Thank you.

  • Answer "Finding Settings"

    Hello Ragnarok,

    thank you for your commet. Please get in touch with Parrot.

    Kind regards