Radio Control-Set mz-24.PRO HoTT 12 Channel - 2v029


mz-24.PRO HoTT | #S1006.PRO
S1006-Pro_MZ_24_Pro_eng  Version:

Version 2v029




Other downloads:

- Firmware-Upgrade


Beta version 2v025 from 30 October 2017
- M-stop electroheli corrected
- Mixer SR corrected to QR
- Scaling for EAM and GAM extended to 80 V and 65000mAh
- DSC signals over 150% of the headtracker should now be able to be processed, but limited to 100%.

Version 2v025 from 11 November 2017
- Extensively tested. Version 2v025 is no longer a Beta Version

Please note: After updating to the Spanish version 2v025 (mz-24pro_2v025_Spain. bin) it shows the version 2v024. It's a display error. It is version 2v025.

Changes from 09th January 2018
- Italian and Spanish languages mistakes are corrected.

Beta Version 2v026 from 15 March 2018
- Mixer RU >> EL at Delta with 2 QR now works correctly on Servos 2 and 3.
- Phase Switching: When switching from Dual Rate, at full scale, QR, HR and SR will move with the phase switching time, no more abrupt movements. Also, warping (phase trim) of WK and QR is moving with the phase time.
- Trim Beep: Center trim sound at every zero crossing.
- Touching the upper vertical trim icons (for DT1 and DT2) opens the trim indicator as a short cut (quick access).

Beta Version 2v027 from 04 April 2018
- GPS graphic error for the direction corrected
- HR >> WK mixer for delta model corrected

Beta Verison 2v028 from 11 April 2018
- Bug at aileron differentiation at positive offset fixed.

Verison 2v029 from 18 September 2018
- unwanted sound effects solved
- voltage error at contrast change solved
- reset at failsafe menu at specific model memories solved

Please note: After the update, check the data of the existing models in the wing mixer menu.


Perform a complete function and range test so as a flight simulation on the ground before the first flight of each model!

It is recommended, the binding of the receiver to delete firstly and then bind the receiver 
to the model memory.

Model memories will be saved. 

 A beta version of a program is an unfinished version that has already passed the alpha stage. Although the program can be used in its basic functions, it has not yet been fully tested for errors. This means that using the beta may cause crashes or bugs.

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  • Update


    I see that there is update to 2021.

    What problems does it solve?

  • Answer to "Update"

    Dear Marc,

    the 2012 Update and Revision History is still in the development.
    We will inform you as soon as possible.

    Kind regards


  • Compatible with non-pro mz24?

    Is this compatible with thw non-pro mz-24?

  • mz24-mz24pro

    is it possibe to uppgrade the mz24 to pro?

  • Problem firmware


    I have two issues with the mz-24 pro.

    The first is of little importance, the sound when starting is cut sometimes.


    The second, and much more critical ... when trying to set failsafe on channels 11 or 12, a system reset occurs.


    This second incidence has been reproduced in another mz-24 pro. So it's a generic problem.


  • Answer "Problem firmware"

    Hello Marco Castro,

    I would like to inform you that we know this bug and with the next update the problem will be resolved.
    We ask for a little patience.

    Kind regards


  • Voice-Files Multikopter

    When Voice-Files Multikopter?

  • Answer "Voice-Files Multikopter"

    Hello Ram,

    the voice files for multicopter will come with the next updates.

    Kind regards


  • Mz-24 to mz-24 pro firmware

    Graupner USA told me there would soon be a way to put the pro firmware on a standard mz-24 radio.
    Any update or timescale for this happening?

  • Answer to "Mz-24 to mz-24 pro firmware"

    Hello Andy,

    enclosed with the link you will find further details to the update to the

    Kind regards


  • Latest version?

    Ah, I should have been clearer.

    The method they mentioned was one that didn't require the radio to be sent back to you. They implied it was possible to self serve the update.

    Is this not the case?

  • mz

    this link for MZ-24 upgrade to PRO is not a solution, nobody wants to send their radios anywhere. When will you release standalone update software that we can download and just run the update?

  • Answer "Latest version?" & "mz"

    Hello Andy and Gigi,

    at the moment the update is just possible directly at the Graupner service department in Germany, Switzerland, Italy and France.
    It is not possible to buy the update at our Online Shop but also thank you for the idea and we will look what we can do in the near future.

    Kind regards


  • update

    Hello, tell me when there will be an update from mz 24 to PRo. Not the most correct approach of the company to make software updates paid, you can charge for accessories but not for software. I would very much like to put an update on mz 24 to pro. I await your soonest reaction!!!!!!

  • Answer to "update"

    Hello Mr Slava,

    the update from the mz-24 to the mz-24.Pro is available and can be occur at the Graupner Service departments in Germany, Italy, France and Switzerland.
    The update costs 50 Euro and you will get a new radio controll software with new and great features. The following updates will be free of charge again.
    You will find more information at

    Kind regards


  • Mikrokopter voice

    Voice for mikropter is avalaible? I want to update my old transmiter MZ24 for a new MZ24 Pro, but I can´´t found mikrokopter voice for the new model.

  • Answer "Mikrokopter voice"

    Hello July,
    here is no Mikrokopter voice file available for the mz-24PRO from Graupner.
    If you need it, please contact Mikrokopter or tell us which voice files you need to have added to it.
    Kind regards

  • Missing options


    Now my MZ24 is updated to from pro here.

    I still missing some options what other brands have.

    -Edit throtle curve whitout swich them on (no using throttlelimit).
    -Timer trigger ch 6. Like if there is -98% thrtole timer goes on and under that stops


  • Answer "Missing options"

    Hello Rauno,

    enclosed the answers.

    -Edit throtle curve whitout swich them on (no using throttlelimit).

    Sorry, in the Graupner radios the limiter function is needed for this.

    -Timer trigger ch 6. Like if there is -98% thrtole timer

    This can be programmed.
    Move the CH6 in the clock menu clock start and set the wished starting position with enter.

    Kind regards


  • Timer trgger ch6????

    How? There is just sw options. And cant be changed manually. In heli mode throtle is not controlled by stick, it just straight line ex. 80-80-80.

  • Answer to "Timer trgger ch6"

    Hello Rauno,

    it just works with the support of the limiters. Unfortunately, we do not have an 200 Software entrance.

    You can trim the curve with a trim DT1 or DT2 on K9 (phase dependent) and free mixers in the K9 of 6 in the different flight phase.
    For further detailed questions please get in touch with our service directly and not via the update blog.
    The mail address is

    Kind regards


  • Update 2.024

    1. Issue with auto time off. Once the auto Time off gets triggered you are not able to cancel it. It also appears to ignore the fact your are currently using the tx.
    2. Please can you tell me if there is a way of changing throttle curves with a live model? other brands allow this.
    3. Please can we have a way of assigning to adjusting the screen brightness, same as you have now done for voice alerts.
    I have just upgraded two of my original MZ24 to this new firmware and am loving the new features.

  • Answer "Update 2.024"

    Dear Craig,
    thank you very much for your feedback to the beta version 2.024.

    The information have been forwarded to our technical department.

    We do not understand the first question. Could you please let us know which set up you mean or please describe the question in detail.
    Issue with auto time off. Once the auto Time off gets triggered you are not able to cancel it. It also appears to ignore the fact your are currently using the tx.

    Kind regards


  • Update MZ24

    This version is compatible whit the MZ-24? the non pro version? i speak spanish and i want to know if i can install the spanish version to my MZ24 (normal). Thanks!

  • Answer "Update MZ24"

    Hello Federico,

    the update 2v019 or 2v024 is just suitable for the mz-24.Pro.
    So it is not possible to update your mz-24 with the Spanish version.

    Please check out the update blog for the mz-24

    Kind regards


  • Range issues

    since upgrading to pro on standard MZ-24 i have now got range issues the model will get 20 feet away then the transmitter goes to no signal wait about 30 seconds then is fine for a min then goes again. It was all fine till update done

  • Answer "Range issues"

    Hello Colin,

    thank you for your comment.
    You did your upgrade to the with the web-based version from Graupner USA.
    So please get in touch with Graupner USA. They will support you as well.
    Here you find the link to the support contact

    Kind regards


  • Functionality

    helicopter model, how to set exponent on a pitch ?
    This is possible?

  • MZ-24 pro

    Is it possible to turn off the beeps (or lower the volume) of the keypad without affecting the volume of the voice?


  • Answer "Functionality"

    Hello Dmitry,

    it is possible. You can reduce or switch-off the sound at the general settings.

    Kind regards


  • Answer "mz-24 pro"

    Hello Robert,

    no, it is not possible.

    Kind regards


  • ok

    when 2v025 will be final and not beta ?
    thank you

  • Answer "ok"

    Hello Erez,

    I would like to inform you that the version 2v025 is finally tested and is no beta version anymore.

    Kind regards


  • reversing throttlecontrol

    Dear Graupner,
    When I reverse the throttlecontrol(we fly airplanes:throttlestick in front is throttle closed) by changing the endpoints in the throttlecurve(like the usermanual says), every program function in relation to the throttlecontrol works fine only the trim will not work in a reversed way. Is this a bug?
    For the rest the TX is easy and quick to program, a lot of handy switches and proportional controls, lays steady in the hands. That´ s why I switched to Graupner.
    Kind regards from Belgium,
    Tom Corstens

  • Answer "reversing throttlecontrol"

    Hello Tom,

    thank you for your comment.
    It is no bug. Unfortunately it is otherwise not possible at the mz-24.

    Kind regards


  • Software version number incorrect for Italian bin

    Hello i update my MZ-24 to v2025 italian .bin but i see that even GrStudio during the update show v2024 and the same thing appear on startup of the radio even if the update procedure was successful.

  • Answer "Software version number incorrect for Italian bin"

    Hello Adrian,

    thank you for your comment.
    We fixed the bug. Please install the version 2v025 again.

    Kind regards


  • bug 2v025

    I have the mz24 upgraded to pro and upgraded to 2v025
    i've found a bug, when I set the int for autotrim the radio reboot.
    and i think miss a thing, the possibility to upload photos for every model's icon
    please increase that in next versions
    the rest is perfetct

  • Answer "bug 2v025"

    Hello Enrico,

    we can not reproduce the bug.
    For a survey you can feel free to send us the model memory.

    Kind regards


  • spain software problem.

    the server to download the spanish version is died. cant download it. please re upload the file again.

  • Answer "Spain software problem"

    Hello Frederico,

    thank you for the information.
    The download works now.

    Kind regards


  • Brand new MZ24 in the UK but voice is foreign

    Just received a brand new MZ24 Pro but on switch on, voice is foreign.
    Do I change in a system setting somewhere or do I need to overrwrite with latest en_firmware ?
    please advise

  • Answer "Brand new MZ24 in the UK but voice is foreign"

    Hello Sandy,

    please make a firmware update and a voice file update in your desired language.
    You will find all files on the top of this update blog.

    Kind regards


  • Fichier vocaux

    Bonjours j'aimerai savoir comment on met la radio mz 24 pro en français faut il télécharger cette mise a jour?

  • Help

    How do I add boat option on my MZ-24 PRO ? at present I have options on screen for -
    Glider, Aeroplane, Helicopter.
    I see in US transmitter they have a ''Boat'' option. I wish to us the MZ-24 to control
    a 3 propeller and rudder ship and am totally lost as to how to get the MZ-24
    to work for me

  • francais language

    Qui, veuillez mettre à jour les fichiers logiciels et linguistiques en français

  • Model types: Boat and Cars

    Please update your radio to the latest version.

    If you create a new model, there should be all model types available to select.

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