Radio Control X-8E HoTT 4 channel - Version 1v019

X-8E HoTT | #S1008
S1008_X_8E_01_eng  Version:

Version 1V019

Other downloads:

- Firmware-Upgrade
- Model Memory for 1/5 Cars gBR K3 K4


Version 1v018 from 12 February 2018
- Sub trim works now
- Engine OUT function works when setting D/R/Expo

Version 1v019 from 14 February 2018
-  Solved problem with model change, if during model change, during the waiting period YES (Ja) has been pressed serveral times 
- Fixed bug in HF AUS mode

Added model memory for 1/5 Cars from 14 March 2018
- Throttle and rear brake on servo 3 and front brake on servo 4.


Important NOTE:
Laptimer: To activate the laptimer push the clock longer.

Transmitter and receiver should be updated 

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  • Firmware Update

    Will X-8E is only through the "emergency" to update firmware?

  • Answer "Firmware Update"

    Hello Hugh Wu,

    the update can be done with the current gr-studios 4.7.

    Kind regards


  • UI Suggestion

    There is a UI suggestion that I have some confusion when adjusting the throttle curve in the abc menu when the motor is off with the motor on.

  • Answer "UI Suggestion"

    Hello Mr Wu,

    thank you for your comment.
    Please let us know more details. Otherwise we can not help you.
    Please write an e-mail to

    Kind regards


  • No steering

    I have no steering wheel input. the servo screen shows no dial movement. Travel adjust & DR/EXP screen shows the that wheel is sending inputs.
    Any idea why the steering wheel isnt working? Ive reloaded an older version of software, then reloaded the current.
    Ive done a stick calibration also.

  • Answer "No steering"

    Hello Mark,

    thank you for your comment. I will get in touch with you via mail to send you the manual.

    Kind regards