Radio Control X-8E HoTT 4 channel - Version 1v020

X-8E HoTT | #S1008
S1008_X_8E_01_eng  Version:

Version 1V020

Other downloads:

- Firmware-Upgrade
- Model Memory for 1/5 Cars gBR K3 K4


Version 1v018 from 12 February 2018
- Sub trim works now
- Engine OUT function works when setting D/R/Expo

Version 1v019 from 14 February 2018
-  Solved problem with model change, if during model change, during the waiting period YES (Ja) has been pressed serveral times 
- Fixed bug in HF AUS mode

Added model memory for 1/5 Cars from 14 March 2018
- Throttle and rear brake on servo 3 and front brake on servo 4.

Version 1v020 from 31 January 2019
-  display brightness problem solved


Important NOTE:
Laptimer: To activate the laptimer push the clock longer.

Transmitter and receiver should be updated 

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  • Firmware Update

    Will X-8E is only through the "emergency" to update firmware?

  • Answer "Firmware Update"

    Hello Hugh Wu,

    the update can be done with the current gr-studios 4.7.

    Kind regards


  • UI Suggestion

    There is a UI suggestion that I have some confusion when adjusting the throttle curve in the abc menu when the motor is off with the motor on.

  • Answer "UI Suggestion"

    Hello Mr Wu,

    thank you for your comment.
    Please let us know more details. Otherwise we can not help you.
    Please write an e-mail to

    Kind regards


  • No steering

    I have no steering wheel input. the servo screen shows no dial movement. Travel adjust & DR/EXP screen shows the that wheel is sending inputs.
    Any idea why the steering wheel isnt working? Ive reloaded an older version of software, then reloaded the current.
    Ive done a stick calibration also.

  • Answer "No steering"

    Hello Mark,

    thank you for your comment. I will get in touch with you via mail to send you the manual.

    Kind regards


  • Display brightness

    Why does my display brightness default back to either 1 or 5 after i turn the radio off??

  • Answer "Display brightness"

    Hello Ben,

    that is the first time that we hear about it. What is your software version?
    Please feel free to get in touch with us via mail

    Thank you


  • Display brightness

    If you want to set the display brightness for outdoor, please use the following settings:
    Display brightness: 20
    The cut-off time should be set to OFF, so it will stay at the bright display.