Radio Control mx-12 HoTT 6 channels - Version 2v021

mx-12 HoTT | #33112 
mx-12_eng  Version:

Version 2v021 from 11th January 2018


Download Voice-Files

Voice3 from 16th November 2017


Download Voice-Files Multikopter Voice3_Multicopter_DE
Other downloads:

- Handbuch, Manual, Manuel
- Firmware-Upgrade


Version 2v021 from 11th January 2018

- Binding problem (only Amercican RF code) fixed

Version 2v018 from 16th November 2017

- Announcements for flight phases (Voice outputs for phases, not with mx-12 / 16)
- Announce-menu (Voice output by switch, phases should be announced in the phase menu, not above announce.)
- RX date (Slower telemetry for crawl operation or camera copter especially for the secondary receiver.
- Alarm setup: User/Vario/OFF // Benutzer/Vario/Aus
- Altitude Warning ON/OFF // Höhenwarnungen EIN/AUS

Version 2v019 from 24th November 2017
- Correction of phase display for the copter model

For instructions on the new functions, please refer to the mc-28 manual part 2 


Update should be performed with the  Firmware-Upgrader >=V4.0.
After the update to any V 1.7xx it is also possible with SD card ("Secret mode")


After the update, the Voice3 language file must be updated in order for voice output and warnings to work.

A complete function and range test so as a flight simulation on the ground should be performed before the first flight!
It is recommended to delete the binding of the receiver firstly and then bind newly the receiver to the model memory

Model memories will be saved

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  • Wireless trainer mode

    The v1.808 firmware has just one problem in wireless trainer mode: If the mx-12 is used as a pupil, it does not stop disconnecting and reconnecting.

    This problem does not occur in v1.807.

    Other than that, I did not notice any problems, it works perfectly.

  • Answer "Wireless Trainer Mode"

    Hello Alban,

    thank you for your comment.
    The problem will be fixed with the update version 2.017.
    The update will be published towards the end of the year or at the lastest in the beginning of 2018.

    Kind regards


  • Problem updating MX-12

    I'm having trouble updating my MX-12 HOTT. My transmitter lacks the USB port. According to the handbook I'm suppose to use the DATA port to update the transmitter. I have the required cables: 7168.6 and 6466.S but get the Product Information Read Fail when using the Firmware Upgrade grstudio 4.8.
    I have no problems updating my other HOTT transmitters and recievers.
    Any help would be much appreciated
    Kind regards

  • Answer "Problem updating MX-12"

    Hello Mr Widén,

    the problem can be the connection port to the transmitter.
    Could you please send us a picture of the port on the back side of the transmitter.
    Please send the picture and the problem to

    Thank you