Radio Control mz-12.PRO HoTT 12 Channel - Version 1v039

mz-12.PRO HoTT | #S1002.PRO


Version 1v039 from 11th november 2018        



Other Downloads: - Firmware-Upgrade

Version 1v025 from 18th October 2017
- Voice output (eg altitude announcement)
- mc-28 pupil mode

Version 1v026 from 26th October 2017
- Direction of free mixer has been corrected

Version 1v028 from 20th November 2017
Student operation corrected

Version 1v029 from 24th November 2017
- Vario display corrected

Version 1v030 from 27th November 2017
- Vario display capital letters corrected

Version 1v031 from 04th November 2018
- A problem with binding in America mode has been fixed

Version 1v032 from 11th January 2018
- An additional flight phase for helicopters
- Optimization of the return channel for future tasks

Version 1v033 from 30th January 2018
- Engine stop works when new (copter) model is connected

Beta Version 1v034 from 06 March 2018
- Problem fixed with simultaneous use of voice announcement Repeat and Next 
-  "Gas too high" Warning on truck and boat without engine removed

Beta Version 1v002 from 14 March 2018
- Added Beta Version 1v002 Italian

Beta Version 1v038 from 13 April 2018
- New copter model Alpha 150, 170 added at model load
- Switch on warning added at general setting

Version 1v039 from 11th november 2018
- throttle too high warning for cars and boats at motor no or no/inv corrected


A beta version of a program is an unfinished version that has already passed the alpha stage. Although the program can be used in its basic functions, it has not yet been fully tested for errors. This means that using the beta may cause crashes or bugs.

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  • Voice files

    How about availability of voice files in italian?

  • Answer "Voice files"

    Hello Damiano,

    the voice file in italian is available now.

    Kind regards


  • Log fly - MZ12 pro

    Is it possible to have the flight log in MZ-12 pro ?

  • Answer "Log fly - MZ12 pro"

    Hello Mario,
    no it is not possible. But you have a SD memory card slot.
    Kind regards

  • 10

    Hi, I want to buy this radio for the truck. Whether and what kind of receiver is needed for 8 channels. Are the bearings installed? If not, can I install them later?

  • 8 CH-receiver and stick bearings

    The ball bearings in the stick mechanic is already installed.
    To use 8 channels on the receiver, you need to use a GR-16 receiver.