Radio Control mz-18 HoTT 9 channels - V1.053

mz-18 HoTT | #S1005


Download Voice-Files


Download Voice-Files Multikopter  
Other downloads: - Handbuch, Manual, Manuel
- HoTT Software (Firmware-Upgrader)


  • Teacher singal input revised
  • The signals outside the range of +- 100% will be now accepted by the transmitter, however limited to +- 100%
  • The flickering of the background light is eliminated
  • Monitoring function of the software is changed and improved during power up

V.1.051 from the 21st December 2017

  • Telemetry display graphics extended up to 60.000mAh
  • Touck Look Men├╝ attached
  • Note attached that the Stick calibration at HF on not working

V.1.052 from 6th February 2018

  • Necessary update version for the with cost upgrade to the mz-18.PRO

V.1.053 from the 18st September 2018

  • reset at RF warning and ENTER solved
  • other small bug fixes
Specials: Update should be made with Firmware-Upgrader gr-Studio >=V4.9.3.2
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  • V1.042 for MZ18

    Counter 1 doesn't work correctly since update V1.042.
    It always runs even if switch is not actived

    time to startup transmiter is too long.

    Conter 2 works correctly.
    FinalIy, I regret my MX22

  • Answer to V1.042 for MZ18

    Hello BACCUS,

    thank you for your information.

    Actually just a downgrade helps.
    With the mz-18 Pro the bug will be fixed.

    Kind regards


  • Mz 18 pro update

    Will the mz18 pro update be available via graupner firmware upgrade? When this new version will be released? Thank you

  • MZ18 Pro

    I'm pretty happy with my MZ18, and I'm sure I'll enjoy the MZ18 PRO update.
    Any date for the release of the update please ? :-)

  • Firmware update not straight forward

    I have new mz-18 version 1.041.
    Based on an earlier comment it seems an update to version 1.042 is not such a good idea. Also, if you don't have Win OS you are out of luck too. Why not provide update file to be saved on a flash disk like SPEKTRUM RADIO. I love the radio but there is a lot of room for firmware improvement.

  • Update mz-18 PRO


    I would like to inform you that we are still provide updates for the mz-18.
    But we can not promise an update to a version at the moment.

    Kind regards


  • Date of update


    When new updates for mz 18 will be released?

    Best Regards

  • Answer "Date of update"

    Hello Petr,

    I would like to inform you that the update to a mz-18.PRO version is planned and will probably be published at the end of the year.

    Kind regards



    Is the pro upgrade still coming, can you give me a hint of what it will be.

  • Answer "MZ-18 PRO OUT YET"

    Hello Mr Mohr,

    the update will appear with voice announcements like mz-24PRO and new menu system like mz-24PRO.

    Kind regards


  • So excited

    This update is going to be awsome Graupner is the best.

  • update to 1.052


    I installed the update to 1.052 (before 1.021). Now I have a problem with timer 1. This timer runs al the time.
    What can I do? Where can I find the files for downgrading?


  • Answer to update to 1.052

    This was changed, because in electric motor gliders the logging normally stopped with motor off. But logging should be always active, when the model is in the air.
    Timer 1 is now stopped with ESC.
    For stoppable timer by switch, please use timer 2.