Radio Control mz-24 HoTT 12 channels - V1.055

mz-24 HoTT | #S1006
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- Firmware-Upgrade

• Popup window by F/S setting: Text changed
• Telemetry GAM /fuel sensor: Rest quantity in %, additional consumption in ml
• Trainer function though cable via the DSC socket
• Acoustic / optical warning and automatic hand-off to the teacher in case of no student signal
• Data / time settable through the GR-Studio
• MP3 Player: (only MZ-24)
• In case of not inserted SD card or not available MP3 data, "No DATA" singal will be displayed at the start of the player
• In case of not available song title "PLAY" will be displayed
• Shortcut to MP3 player with touching the player symbol in the main display
• Right ENT button: Start and break
• Right and left buttons: next / last heard song title
• Up and down buttons: Volume
• K1 POS warning (throttle too high warning) does not appear any more depending on the stick position but on the output signal of K1 (helicopter K6), so that there is a correct warning also e.g. if the throttle is controlled through rotary switch and mixer on CH1 or if there is reverse on CH1 (helicopter min pitch front).
• Separated volume setting of voice and vario
• Helicopter menus: in case of deleting the throttle limiters on K12 no trimming of the throttle channel
• Region setting France removed, because provisions in France have been uniformed to Europe
• Changes of the function of the ESC button: acts as BACK icon
• In case of darkened display: push one of the 3 right buttons switches the lightning on
• Contemporary pushing the left up and down buttons opens the servo display in all menus without RES button, otherwise function as RES button.
• Small correction of the display in menu M.STOP
• Safety query in case of changing of the model type in an already existing model memory
• Small change in the TR.ST. / REC. output
• Selection global / phase related trimming belongs to menu TR.ST.
• Menu TELEMETRY / RECEIVER SELECT: in case of only one bound receiver will be displayed only RX1
• Telemetry: announces can now be interrupted by using "next announce".
• Shortcut from base display to telemetry display through contemporary pushing the right and left button on the right of the display.
• Introduction of the EN 300 328 1.8.1
• The new HoTTSync process allows the optional binding global (as before) or strictly with one memory of the transmitter.
• In case of global: < under the model name, switch in the menu MOD. SEL. in the popup, which appears after pushing the airplane type icon.
• Change in the features: RF automatically on, if there is no active alarm on CH1-POS. RF ON/OFF query disappears after few seconds.
• Model change on MC/MX adjusted: only possible with switched off receiver. After model change RF on (as by switch on).
• Problems by wrong assignment of the same switch as phase switch and control switch deleted.
• Timers management of timer1 on MC/MX adjusted: Timer1 goes over (as flight timer), even if start switch / control switch is off. Timer1 is stopped by pushing the left ESC button. Data logging as long as timer1 is active.
• Text change in CTL.SET. menu for heli models.

• Logging problem solved
• Servo test: Function changed with accessory safety query
• Other smaller bug fixed and improved

• Switch-on alarm modified. Partially wrong reactions of the transmitter by termination of the warning eliminated.
Time slot until the setting of the alarm is modified. Partially not setup of the warning signal improved.
Return to the previous display by termination of the warning.

• The problem with the faulty telemetry announces during data reproduction from specific DS cards is solved.
• Text corrections in th German menu
• Partially intermittent problems with incorrect export/import of the model memories is solved
• Problem with the "frozen" display or transmitter by using the touch screen in sporadic specific situations is solved.
• Changes in the menu SEND.SET/EMPF.AUSG. Popup at missing return channe

• Teacher singal input revised
• The signals outside the range of +- 100% will be now accepted by the transmitter, however limited to +- 100%
• The flickering of the background light is eliminated
•  Monitoring function of the software is changed and improved during power up

V1.055 (18.10.2017)

 Required software to prepare for mz-24 PRO update
 Problem with model memory Logo 600 (Roll / Nick reversed after multiple model change)
 Display detection
 Key lock Menu added
 Telemetry graphics adapted for 2S LiPo



Update should be made with Firmware-Upgrader >=V4.0

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  • Throtle edut

    Radio is great but,

    You can't edit throtle curves without swiching them on. You have to put that flught mide on waht you want to edit, and same thing in gyro sens. Allways have to power off you heli and then edit.

  • Answer to "Throtle edut"

    Dear Rauno,

    thank you for your message.
    With a correct fail-safe setting, the model would not have to be switched off!
    HF OFF would then suffice. Or, for example, a phase-independent motor stop.

    Kind regards


  • Throtle edit

    Yes. But it not safe enought to leave 10kw heli without rf. I knew all failsafe etc., but all othet brands have "manual" choise the curve what will editetd.

  • Query updates

    Hello I have a transmitter MZ-24 hott, and I would like to ask whether you plan to do this transmitter menu translation into Czech Thank you

  • Throtle edit

    Its not safe way to swich RF off. 12kw heli without rf is dangerous. It would be great feature to every fuctions if there is box to choose flight mode, not whitced them on.

  • Answer to "Query updates"

    Hello Roman,

    unfortunately the mz-24 have no transmitter menu translation into Czech.
    It is also not in planning.

    Kind regards


  • Answer to "Throtle edit"

    Hello Rauno,

    Let's why it's better to use the limiter or motor- cut off function in all flight phases.
    Please try without motor pinion first for the correct function.

    Kind regards


  • Throtle edit

    Well you dont understund. I lnew every fuctions very well indeed. If you are in flyfield and want adjust same parameters with your plane. I dount remove pinion on field. I knew my setup very well.

    Please do same changes in the software. Everyone will like thoses.

    -Release timer1
    -Release ch12 from throtle limit
    -change values without swich them on


  • 11ch MZ24

    Actuallty this is 11 channel radio. Becouse ch 12 is not free, its pre programned for throtle limiter and you cant use that chanell anything else.

  • Answer to "Throtle edit" & "11ch MZ24"

    Hello Rauno,

    please send your detailed enquiry for Throtle Edit to
    It seems to be a complex subject and we will answer your questions in a offical mail.

    Kind regards


  • firmware mz-24pro

    Hi, can I tell whether the firmware installed on the MZ-24 pro, I need Funk automodels

  • Answer to "firmware mz-24pro"

    Hello Slava,

    the upgrade to the can be made in our Service Department.
    Please get in touch with our Service Department.

    Graupner/SJ GmbH
    Henriettenstr. 96
    D-73230 Kirchheim/Teck

    Kind regards


  • Mz 24 pro

    Je voudrais faire upgrader ma mz 24 en mz 24 pro mais je ne trouve pas de notice en francais de la mz 24 pro?

  • Réponse "Mz 24 pro"

    Bonjour Gastal,

    Merci de contacter notre S.A.V. en France, Monsieur Gérard Altmayer
    sur l'adresse e-mail de

    Il peut faire la mise à jour de votre radiocommande.



  • Update???

    Are you going to update MZ24 anymore? Now you have MZ24pro and only difference is firmware. So is there plan to have soe fixes and update (ex timer and autolog off) to MZ24?

  • Answer to "Update???"

    Hello Rauno,

    The continuous integration of free new features and features brought the mz-24 to your limits and made it necessary to create a completely new software interface for the mz-24 PRO. Therefore there will be no further update for the mz-24 just the upgrade to the mz-24.PRO

    Kind regards


  • Latest version?

    Is this the latest version of firmware for the mz-24? When I do the "auto download" from grStudio it d/loads a v1.052 file but that fails to upload to the TX.


  • Anwer to "Latest version?"

    Hello Andy Dix,

    please do not update the version v1.052. Therefore you need the GR_Studio 4.7

    Kind regards


  • Mz24 wireless training

    1.042 has a issue with training. I have two mz24 with firmware 1.042. When training a helicopter / fw the throttle goes to -150 Please advise. Plus is there an option to adjust screen contrast and volume by DV pot please

  • Answer to "Mz24 wireless training"

    Hello Craig Reynolds,

    thank you for your comment.

    Please check the servo path in your transmitter. It sounds that the channel 6 is adjust with 150%.
    Second question, there is just one option for the sound volume. Not more.

    Kind regards

  • 1.052

    Why is not present on the internet site the 1.052 version and its' history ?

  • 1.052

    Hello Davide,

    the update version 1.042 is the official update and the 1.5.x is the online update to the mz-24.Pro

    Kind regards


  • MZ24 forgotten???


    This system is not user friendly. Why you stop updatibg MZ24? It is NOT solution to pay for pro software! You made to same radio mz24 and nz24pro... only differense is firmware and colour. It not good idea to collect money for updatig allready payed system. Release update to mz24 to everyone its going to be easier way to everyone, even for you. All other brands take care of they custoners, but you just say pay more.

  • Answer to MZ24 forgotten???

    Hello Rauno,

    thank you very much for your comment.

    It is not just a normal update from the mz-24 to the mz-24.Pro. There are so many new features like
    - new manu structur
    - additonal model types
    - user-defined voice announcements
    - snap-roll function
    - auto-trim
    and many more.

    So it is more than a normal free update. It is a upgrade to a "new" radio control.
    After the upgrade the following updates will be free of charge and you will be able to proceed them yourself

    Kind regards


  • Yes, but

    This kind update is normal update in all other brands. It totally normal add new features and graphics in new firmwares. Or do you think its normal pay if there is some new features? You should listen more users!!!!!!

  • Answer "Yes but"

    Hello Rauno,

    thank you for your answer.
    The voice of our customers are very important for us and we give the advice to corresponding department.
    Anyway we can not offer the update to the without fee.

    Kind regards


  • 1.052

    1.052 that you download in Auto with PC Software Studio has an issue when you fix a new point in the Pitch Curve menù. It move other point where it wants towars maximum value (as 100%)

  • Answer "1.052"

    Hello Davide,

    the update version 1.042 is the official update.
    The version 1.052 was not tested and released.

    Kind regards


  • MZ 24 update to Pro

    I am very disappointed that you the ordinary mz-24 no longer support and ask money for updating to a mz-24 Pro version.
    After all you have made use of the comments and suggestions provided by the MZ24 users to build a new version.
    Here too, are added costs because the transmitter has to be sent to you.
    All this is in my opinion not necessary because this is also possible via a normal online update.
    This does not require any hardware procedure in the transmitter and should be for free in my opinion because the cost of the new software back deserves to be by selling the MZ-24 Pro transmitters.
    Can you tel me how I can get the online update to the mz-24 Pro ?

  • Ok I want to pay for update PRO but!

    Hi I'm Stefano and I have a MZ-24.
    Ok I want to pay for PRO update but why must I send the radio to the service for a simple software update? Why can't I buy the software on-line and update my radio at home?
    My radio works very well and I don't want to ship it to the service with the risk of losing or breaking.
    So please, let us update the radio by purchasing the PRO update on the web site.

  • Answer to "Ok I want to pay for update PRO but!" & "MZ 24 update to Pro"

    Hello Peter van Hout and Stefano,

    thank you very much for your comment.

    At the moment we can just offer you the update from the mz-24 to the in our service departments.
    An online update will coming for further updates.
    The only way for the update to the is to send the radio control to us.

    @Stefano: You can also send your mz-24 to our service department in Italy.

    Thank you for understanding.

    Kind regards


  • Comment to Graupner answer on: 17 August 2017

    What you are saying is not true:
    "The only way for the update to the is to send the radio control to us."
    This is what you wish to do so and not the technical boundary.
    Can you tell me why the online upgrade is possible at Graupner USA and not with the Graupner EU?
    You would at least can make also like your USA colleagues, supports the online update.
    My opinion is that you are obligated to you old MZ24 users to provide the best possible service so that we also in the future wish to go on further with Your Graupner system.
    The way you leave the old MZ24 users with software that is not error-free and not further supported is not a correct way to fix this by forcing them to buy an update.

  • firmware v1.050

    i downloaded the latest version of firmware for the mz-24 (s1006, not pro) v1.050 Italian Language.... it good for my mz24?

  • Answer "firmware v1.050"

    Hello Marcello,

    I would like to inform you that the current firmware version for the mz-24 is 1.042 and the version 1.5.x is the online update to the mz-24.Pro.

    Kind regards


  • Site data

    please correct the data of Mz24 upgrade beacuse it's "8/09/2016" and nobody will notice it.
    Try to be aligned with versions because :
    - with "auto update" from GRStudio it suggest you 1.052
    - from you have 1.055 (before was 1.042)
    - from america Graupner you have 1.053