Receiver GR-12L HoTT - Version 2a05

GR-12L HoTT | #S1012
 gr-12l_eng Version:

Version 2a05

Other downloads: - Firmware-Upgrade

Version 1a90
- Problems with JR DS387, DS318 servos solved

Version 1a92 from 8 February 2018
- New: SBUS signal output selectable
- Support for 32 channels channel mapping for mz-32
- Digital switch function for mz-32
- Receiver signal power RSSI-channel 12 or 16 programmable

Beta Version 1a93 from 22 March 2018
- The jumping of channels 13-16, when using the channels, has been fixed.

Version 2a03 from 18 September 2018
- SP2048 protocoll added

- RSSI channel output selectable for CH8, 12 and 16. The number of transmitted channels is the selection of the RSSI channel.

Version 2a05 from 27 Oktober 2018

- option voltage messurement at CH5 with voltage devider now available




The update should be performed with the Firmwareupgrader >

This receiver has only one (red) LED


After the update a factory reset should be performed!
Push and hold the Bind-button then switch the receiver ON and wait about 3 seconds until the LED light up.
Release the button. Without reset the servos might run to their mechanical end point!

A beta version of a program is an unfinished version that has already passed the alpha stage. Although the program can be used in its basic functions, it has not yet been fully tested for errors. This means that using the beta may cause crashes or bugs.

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  • villalobos

    Das Led Lämpchen leuchtet aber nur schwach Rot und wen ich den knopf am empfänger gedrückt halte blinkt er nur die ganze zeit und geht nicht aus wie er soll

    ist ein gr-12l

  • Answer to "villalobos"

    Hallo Antoni,

    Ihr Empfänger zeigt kein normales Verhalten. Bitte senden Sie den Empfänger an unseren Service, um eine Prüfung durchzuführen.

    Vielen Dank für Ihr Verständnis.


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