Receiver GR-12SH HoTT 2.4 GHz +3xG - V202

GR-12SH HoTT 2.4 GHz +3xG 6 K. | #33575
gr12-sh_eng Version:


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Firmware Upgrade
Factory Reset File MicroStabi76 data defaults 
MacOS Software Update 1.1 Gyro Receiver for Apple 


Version V202 from 26 April 2018
The manual was corrected

Factory Reset File from 26 April 2018
- Added factory reset File 
- Suitable also for GR-12 + 3xG (No. 33576)

MacOS Version 1.1 Update Software for Apple Computer from 18th September 2018
- Added update Software for Apple computer
- System requirements is Appel MAC with OSX El Captian (10.11.x)


In extreme yaw rate the gyro could be limited and the model is then difficult to stop.

A beta version of a program is an unfinished version that has already passed the alpha stage. Although the program can be used in its basic functions, it has not yet been fully tested for errors. This means that using the beta may cause crashes or bugs. 

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