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GR-16 HoTT | #33508
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 Version 7a07

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- Firmware-Upgrade

 Changes from 02. August 2017
- New manual GR-16 available

Version 7a03 from 08 February 2018
- New: SBUS signal output selectable
- Support for 32 channels channel mapping for mz-32
- Digital switch function for mz-32

Beta Version 7a04 from 14 February 2018
- Ability to reset lost data packets with mz-32
- Digital switch function now also as level control High/Low at the servo outputs for direct use for LEDs or for direct control of transistors and switches.
SUMD V3 protocol added for the use of 32 channels + 64 switching channels
- SUMDIN Function added for receiver redundancy with SUMD out of a second receiver (at K7) for the receivers GR-16,24,32)
- Attention: Default setting period time 10ms for GR-16,24,32

Beta Version 7a04 und 6a39 from 26 March 2018

The receiver software 7a04 is a Beta Software for the radio control mz-32. Our test pilots have carried out numerous tests with the mz-32. During extensive range tests on the ground with the mz-32, a problem has sometimes arisen that first needs to be investigated in more detail. The software can be used in truck function models. Use in flight models is only permitted after successful extensive range tests. Alternative version 3a71 is available. In case of problems with the range test, please send a log file to our Service to email.

Beta Version 7a05 from 04 June 2018
- V7.04 range issue is now fixed
- Automatically clear memory as needed during update
- Output the SUMD3 output continuously, and SUMD3 input receives only the latest data than its own data
- Battery voltage range is changed into 3 ~22.5V at GR-16. Battery voltage reading issue on channel 6 is now fixed. 

Version 7a06 from 25 June 2018
- Fixed telemetry in textmode while using digital switches

- period time 10ms after update. Be careful with analog servos or use beta7a07 version.

Version 7a07 from 29 January 2019
- period time 20ms after factory reset
- factory reset improved


The update should be performed with the Firmwareupgrader >3.7.
The update must be performed 2 times
Thereafter a factory reset should be performed


After the update a factory reset should be performed!
Push and hold the Bind button then switch the receiver ON and wait about 3 seconds until the LED light up.
Release the button. Without reset the servos might run to their mechanical end point!

A beta version of a program is an unfinished version that has already passed the alpha stage. Although the program can be used in its basic functions, it has not yet been fully tested for errors. This means that using the beta may cause crashes or bugs.

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  • Product code error

    Hello, I need advice.When I upgrading the receiver with grStudio ( 4.7 ) I get an error message : Product code error. Product codes that are different from the inside firmware file.

    Device Product Code : 16003324
    Firmware Product Code : 16003100

    Download Process Stop

    Firmware is downloaded from this site.

    Thanks for help.

  • Answer to "Product code error"

    Hello Peter,

    thank you very much for your comment.
    Your error message is unknown to us. Please send your receiver back to our service department.
    Further details you will find under Graupner Service

    We will check the receiver as soon as possible

    Thank you

    Kind regards


  • older firmware

    Hello, can you send me an older firmware version? Or where would I find it? I can test it.

  • Answer to "older firmware"

    Hello Peter,

    we are displaying only the current firmware update.
    Please let us know which older firmware update you want and I will look after it.

    Kind regards


  • older firmware

    Hi, i have problem with RC signal lost.

    Requesting status information from Flight-Ctrl ( Mikrokopter )
    Version 2.18b ,
    Errorcodes: 0x00 0x08
    - no receiver signal

    I want to update the receiver firmware, but I can not tell the current version.I do not know where this can be found.I need firmware version compatible with Flight-Ctrl ( Mikrokopter ) Version 2.18b.

    Firmware Version V 6a38 Is not compatible with my GR-16 HoTT 33508.

    So if you can send me the older firmware for the test. Thank you.

  • Answer "older firmware"

    Hello Peter,

    the firmware version V6a38 should be compatible.
    Beside your receiver is very old or your GR-16L is from the USA. Then please let us know the serial number.
    Please get in touch with our service.
    Or you can send your receiver to our service department.

    Kind regards


  • dont understand the 2 versions FS no FS and the details 2

    Hello (again with another Drone and reciver)

    i have a Graupner MZ-24 Pro with firmware 2.21 and this GR-16 No 33508 and your voltage module XH 33631 (who is dosent work actualy...).

    i am connected in SUMO (like ppm 1 wire) use this with a quad drone for Filming the TBS Discovery Pro with NAZA M-2 GPS, with lipo 4S 5200mah 10a


    i saw is 2 differents versions inside this zip file.

    1- what is this version ""33508_FS_gr_rx8_6a39_f9.bin"" ? what is the difference compare to the other one ? and what mean this "FS" ?

    2- what mean this details firmware you writen here : This can fix my problem of Voltage module XH 33631 ??

    - Voltage measurement adjustable on channel 6.

    Attention: Voltage divider on channel 6 necessary as similar with the receiver #33576 or use the controller S3082 or S3083.
    The voltage divider is built in the controller S3082 and S3083.

    I realy dont understanf for what is this please explain in easy way :) and what i have to care regarding with what i am flying.

    and if you can help me to fix my voltage module it will be welcome because i just dont saw the line option on the graupnet (was working fine with GR-18 with gyro)

  • Answer "dont understand the 2 versions FS no FS and the details 2"

    Hello DRMICRO,

    thank you for your comment.

    What problem do you have with the 33631? If you set CH9 to sensor, it should work.

    If you use a voltage divider and connect it to CH9 and select voltage, you can messure the voltage directly. But be careful, without voltage devider, you may destroy the receiver. Please download the 33576 manual to check which kind of voltage divider is needed.

    We hope that we could answer your question. Otherwise plese get in touch with our service department dirctly.

    Kind regards


  • Minimum input voltage on channel 6

    After updating GR-16 (#33508) to 3a39, I have a problem with the alarm "minimum input voltage" on channel 6, all the time squeaking ...
    How to turn it off?
    Transmitter (MX-16 Hott) I have integrated with brain2 + telemetry and to port 6 I have nothing connected. In "setting and data view" channel 6 is set to servo.
    If there is no solution, send me 3a38 software at

  • Answer "Minimum input voltage on channel 6"

    Hello Radoslaw,

    I think you forgot to make the factory reset after the update.

    Otherwise, please adjust 6CH Funktion: Servo, if you don't use the voltage messurement.

    Kind regards


  • dont understand the 2 versions FS no FS and the details

    Sir Graupner

    can you please answer to my 2 questions first about i posted ???? please forget the problem i have with the Voltage module XH 33631.

    PLEASE answer to all my questions it was long for me to write all and give you in details my configuration.

    PLEASE ANSWER TO MY QUESTIONS of the On: 29 July 2017

    i am waiting since long to have one.

    Wish you the best

  • Answer "dont understand the 2 versions FS no FS and the details 2"

    Hello DRMICRO,

    thank you for your comment.
    Our CTO will answer you directly.

    Kind regards


  • Problem to update GR 16 transmetter

    I can't update a GR16 transmitter in spite of several tries. The auto download with grStudio 4.6 doesn't operate: no file is found after research. With manuel process (file browse), the 6a39 firmware version can't be download: at step n°7, message "file loading fail".
    Thank you in advance o help me.

  • Answer "Problem to update GR 16 transmetter"

    Hello Marc,

    you using the "autoupdate". Could you please install the update manual on your receiver.

    Kind regards


  • fw version

    Is the fw version 7a04 for Rx GR 16 still beta version or not? Use with Tx mc-20. I would like use it in expensive model of plane, because it is first version without problems with servos moving after conect voltage for receiver. Thanks

  • Answer "fw version"

    Hello Pavel,

    the version 7a04 is still a beat version.
    We will let you know when the version is a non beta version.

    Kind regards




  • Answer "GR STUDIO"

    Hello Michel,

    the error is related with windows. Please reload the software.

    Kind regards


  • RX data menu

    Hello, with my MX16 TX and GR-16 RX, there is a menu "RX DATA" that could take different value (ON/OFF/1/2/3/4...) but I could not find any information about what is does.
    Could you please provide a link to a manual for that particular menu of explain what is it for ?


  • Answer "RX data menu"

    Hello Lulu,

    Always let it original, except in towing mode or when several receivers are operated with different transmitters in one model.
    You will find it in the manual of the mc-28.

    Kind regards


  • GR-16 HoTT - Version 6a39 low voltage & Beta 7a05 channels switched

    Hello, I have downloaded 6a39 for GR-16 receiver. This firmware give low voltage alarm of 0,2 V (5,1 Volts applied on receiever) on MX16 and MC20.
    The Beta 7a05 reads a low voltage of 8.0 volts (agian 5,1 volt applied on receiever) on both MX16 and MC20 transmitter. Besides the reciever voltage error the channels 1 (gas) was on stick channel 4. How can that happen?! I had an old version from 2015 on my old laptop and uplodede this filrmware to reciever and everything appears to work fine.
    Please test your firmware properly and make it available soon.

    Thanks .

  • Answer "GR-16 HoTT - Version 6a39 low voltage & Beta 7a05 channels switched"

    Hello Peter,

    You forgot to do the factory reset, so CH6 is set to voltage messurement instead of servo function.

    Kind regards


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