Receiver GR-24 PRO HoTT + 3xG + 3A Vario - V205

GR-24.PRO +3xG +3A + Vario HoTT | #33583
 gr-24_2eng Version: V205      
Manuals: Anleitung_Firmware_V2_DE_EN_FR_IT
Other downloads: - Firmware-Upgrade
- PC-Updatesoftware für Gyroempfänger
- Update Software 1.1 Gyro Receiver Apple 

V200 from 18th april 2017
- Flight characteristics heli flybarless improved
- Additional functions like anti-balooning-system, turning rate, Expo, rear stop
- Heading lock and heading hold mode for flight models

V204 from 18th december 2018
- automatic factory reset is executed, when updating from <2.03! Therefore, take a note of the shot or take a photo!
- update for mz-32 users when multiple recipients are bound to a model store
- Heli: Trim TS 4x finer, but up to + -400
- Heli: Trim Roll now before trim Nick, so logical order in the adjustments
- Heli: TS-type 4 servos, for swashplate 90 degrees with 4 servos. 4. Servo is connected to K5
new mz-32 features:
- With mz-32 channels K17-K32 can be mapped to the outputs
- Level control possible for LEDs with mz-32

V205 from 22th january 2019
- SUMDI function moved to CH10, because CH8 did not work, when SUMDI set to CH7 and CH8 was set for servo function.

Changes from 30th may 2017
- Manual Firmware V2 available in the languages DE, EN, FR, IT

Changes from 05 September 2017
- Resetfile was updated and bug eliminated

Version 1.1 Update Software for MACOS Apple Computer from 14 november 2018
- Added Update Software for Apple computer
- System requirements is Appel MAC with OSX El Captian (10.11.x)


After the update perform a detailed function and range test! 

A beta version of a program is an unfinished version that has already passed the alpha stage. Although the program can be used in its basic functions, it has not yet been fully tested for errors. This means that using the beta may cause crashes or bugs.

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Receiver GR-24 PRO 3xG + 3A + Vario HoTT Receiver GR-24 PRO 3xG + 3A + Vario HoTT

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