Receiver GR-32 HoTT - Version 7a03 & Beta 7a04

GR-32 HoTT | #33516

Version 7a03

Beta Version 
Version 7a04

Other downloads: - Handbuch, Manual, Manuel
- Firmware-Upgrade

Version 7a03 from 8 February 2018
- New: SBUS signal output selectable
- Support for 32 channels channel mapping for mz-32
- Digital switch function for mz-32

Beta Version 7a04 from 14 February 2018
- Ability to reset lost data packets with mz-32
Digital switch function now also as level control High/Low at the servo outputs for direct use for LEDs or for direct control of transistors and switches.
- SUMD V3 protocol added for the use of 32 channels + 64 switching channels
- SUMDIN Function added for receiver redundancy with SUMD out of a second receiver (at K7) for the receivers GR-16,24,32)

Attention: Default setting period time 10ms for GR-16,24,32

Specials: • The update should be performed with the Firmwareupgrader >3.7.
• The update should be performed 2 times.
• Thereafter a factory reset should be performed

After the update a factory reset should be performed!
Push and hold the Bind button then switch the receiver ON and wait about 3 seconds until the LED light up.
Release the button.
Without reset the servos might run to their mechanical end point!

A beta version of a program is an unfinished version that has already passed the alpha stage. Although the program can be used in its basic functions, it has not yet been fully tested for errors. So when using the beta you may experience crashes or bugs.

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  • can't update

    I am trying to update the GR-32 but I get info Firmware download fail flash program fail. I was trying with different versions of software and firmware. With this cables and software i updated gr-16 and gr-32 without any problems. I have 2 gr-32 and on both there is the same problem.

  • Answer "can't update"

    Hello Kali,

    please send your GR-32 to one of our service departments.
    From the distance it is not possible to find the error.

    Kind regards


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