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The VDFEditor is a program that can edit voice announcements for the Graupner HoTT radios (except of the mz-32). The program is more advanced and is easier to use than what is available in the Firmware Upgrade Studio.
Announcements are stored in so called VDF files (Voice Data File). Inside the VDF, the announcements are compressed to account for the available memory resources of the radio.


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- The VDFEditor can now be linked to the file extension .vdf, so that it opens automatically when you double-click on a .vdf file. To do this, under "Open with ...", the check mark "Always use this app to open .vdf files" must be checked.
- There are new icons.
- The new Italian voicefiles were installed.
- You can now adjust the volume and speed in the Text2Speech dialog.

Changes from 10 January 2018
- The new Czech language file has been added.
- Drag & Drop between two VDFEditor windows is now working again.
- The Microkopter VDFs are now displayed correctly in the restore menu.
- The entries in the recovery menu are now sorted alphabetically.
- Deleting system announcements is no longer possible.
- The TTS dialog now has a test button that lets you listen to the announcement before adding it to the VDF.
- The last entered text in the TTS dialog is saved and displayed again the next time it is used.
- Voice files for the new mz-18PRO are now supported.

Changes from 01st March 2018
- VDF Editor is compatible with operation system OS, Linux and Windows, if JAVA 8 is installed.

Changes from 24th April 2018
- The timeout for the mz-18.PRO and mz-24.PRO has been increased

Changes from 31th December 2018
- now also for Java 11

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  • VDF problem?

    Good day. I have a question about the VDF editor. When selecting the new sound creation for MZ24 PRO, it is not possible to insert more than 96kb, it is also displayed in the upper window state. Thank you for the info.

  • Answer "VDF problem"

    Hello Mr Urda,

    The size for the files is limited by the radio.

    Kind regards