PRX-4A - 4A HV Switching BEC
PRX-4A - 4A HV Switching BEC

PRX-4A - 4A HV Switching BEC

P/N: 4126


The Graupner PRX-4A is a high voltage switching BEC capable of up to 33.3V input voltage providing a stable 5.5V voltage at a continuous current of 4A.

The uniqueness of this BEC is that it can operate with high voltage battery sources between 6V and 33.6V (2-8 cell LiPo) while providing continuous and reliable stabilized power to you receiver.


  • Switching mode regulator minimizing losses and heat
  • Built in noise receiver to minimize electromagnetic receiver effects
  • Compact and light design
  • Input voltage 6V - 33V
  • Output voltage 5.5V
  • High quality silicone power cables
  • Max. Continuous current 4A
  • Max. Peak current 8A (1 sec)
  • Max. Pulse current 12A
  • Weight 13 grams
  • Dimensions 35 x 20 x 8mm


  • Graupner PRX-4A
  • Manual