Polaron Switching Power Supply 12V/25A
Polaron Switching Power Supply 12V/25A

Polaron Switching Power Supply 12V/25A

P/N: S2012


  • Built-in protection: Short circuit, overload, over voltage, over power
  • Backside On/Off switch
  • Cooling fan and internal circuits to control heat
  • Built-in USB connector for multiple devices (5.0V, 1.0A)
  • Short circuit detection
  • Lightweight; easy-to-carry
  • Capable of docking with Polaron EX/PRO/EX1400 Chargers
  • User-friendly LCD screen for real-time voltage and current information
  • Temperature sensor to check outdoor temperature


  • Polaron Power Supply
  • AC Input cable
  • Alligator clip for output terminal
  • Double Gold connector x3
  • Manual



The Graupner Polaron AC/DC Switching Power Supply is an excellent bench system, providing a continuous 12V DC output at 24A inside a sleek and compact space-saver design, and is lightweight enough to transport anywhere.

Specially designed with a genius side-docking power system that eliminates the need for external connecting cables makes it an excellent companion for the Polaron EX, Polaron PRO and Polaron EX1400 chargers.  The user-friendly LCD screen keeps you informed of integral real-time information regarding consumed current, voltage, and charging environment temperature.  

Charge additional devices simultaneously with additional output connectors, and the frontal USB port provides plenty of power to charge your USB devices!  The Polaron Power Supply is the perfect staple for your hobby workshop.