Polaron SMPS 1500 AC/DC Switching Power Supply
Polaron SMPS 1500 Side View

Polaron SMPS 1500 AC/DC Switching Power Supply

P/N: S2024


  • Microprocessor controlled power supply at 1500W, 25V
  • Output current up to 60A
  • Active PFC resulting in smaller AC input current and less interference
  • Low power consumption at idle and standby mode of less than 1W
  • Up to 94% of conversion efficiency
  • Configurable output between 10V-25V and 1A-60A
  • 3 front load power outputs (4mm sockets)
  • 1 XT-90 front load power output
  • TFT Color display
  • 2 USB front load connectors with total output of 3A at 5V



Utilize the maximum charging power of the Graupner Polaron SMPS 1500 charger.  With microprocessor-controlled switching power supply, you will be provided with power totaling 1500W (at 25V) with an output current of up to 60A.  When coupled with our other chargers like the Polaron EX1400, Polaron EX and Polaron PRO there is no demand you can’t supply.

View output voltage, current, power and current indoor temperature at-a-glance with the beautiful TFT Color LCD display screen. Directly adjust output voltage using touch-sensitive arrow keys: the user-friendly built-in menu allows you to easily set functions such as the maximum output current, fan switch-on temperature and output shutdown temperature.  Change the temperature display to show in Celsius or Fahrenheit based on your personal preference.

In addition to high performance, the Polaron SMPS 1500 provides many safety features such as overcurrent, overvoltage, overload, over temperature and short circuit protection.  Extremely efficient, it converts the main voltage at a rate of 94%, making it an environmentally friendly product.


  • Polaron SMPS 1500 Switching Power Supply
  • XT-90 connection cable
  • US AC Power Cable
  • Manual