Radio Control-Set mz-12, DE, 6 Channels & Receiver GR-12L

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The perfectly balanced package with 6 channels The mz-12 radio - The transmitter of the year... more

The perfectly balanced package with 6 channels

The mz-12 radio - The transmitter of the year in the USA*

The Graupner transmitter mz-12 (No. S1002.77.DE) is perfect for pilots who want the highest reliability, many setting and memory possibilities, the highest range, functionality to a fair and convenient price.

The mz-12 is a 6 channel hand transmitter, whose 32-Bit main processor transfers all the control commands instantaneously and reliably. The Graupner HoTT technology allows highest precision in every flight condition.

The intuitive menu system allows programming directly from the transmitter.
The big display shows clearly all telemetry data, model memory and operational voltage. 20 models can be saved and modified in the transmitter.

The mz-12 channels can be freely assigned (Channel mapping) so that they are adjusted optimally to your personal requirements. Transmitter and receiver mixer functions so as specific servo settings are easily programmable through the transmitter. The mz-12 offers the possibility to bind as many receivers as necessary to extend the channels (max. 16 channels).

The Graupner mz-12 can be updated through USB interface. New firmware software versions are available under Service in our Update Revisions History.

The Graupner mz-12 is ideally suitable for all airplanes and helicopters - no matters if fixed wing, multicopter or aerobatic planes.

The Graupner remote control mz-12, is available in the Graupner Online shop as a single transmitter (No. S1002.77.DE), as Multicopter Control Bundle with Graupner GR-18 (No. S1002.G1.DE) and in other language versions.

The 6 channel GR-12L receiver

The Graupner GR-12L receiver is the reliable 6 channel receiver. The high range of the small, lightweight receiver (7 grams 36 x 21 x 10 mm) make it the ideal receiver for nearly all applications in model aircraft. Without additional sensor the GR-12L transmits the parameters receiver voltage and temperature, as well as signal strength. With its wide voltage range of 3.6V - 8.4V the Graupner GR-12 grants full functionality. A bright LED indicates the operating status.

For more information about Graupner Receiver GR-12L, see also the product detail page of the GR-12L (No. S1012) here in Graupner Online Shop.

Take advantage of the low price package of the remote control sets. Other accessories, the genres airplane model, ship model, vehicle model (RC Car), and everything related to model making and model sports can be found in Graupner Online Shop.

*Named "Radio of the Year 2015" from the US magazine "Model Airplane News".

Product characteristics
  • Remote Control Set with the latest 2.4 GHz Graupner HoTT technology
  • Bidirectional communication between transmitter and receiver
  • Servo cycle times of 10ms can be selected by digital servos.
  • Ultrafast response times
  • Short, foldable antenna
  • intuitive operation and programming
  • high contrast, blue illuminated graphic display
  • 6 control functions
  • Free assignment of all switches
  • 20 model memories
  • 5 switch / button
  • Key-lock function to prevent unintentional operation.
  • Numerous telemetry display, programming and analysis functions directly in the transmitter display
  • 2 programmable flight phases
  • 2 model types (1x fixed-wing and 1x helicopter model)
  • Swashplate limit
  • Servo travel for all servo channels and for each end point adjustment separately
  • Sub-trim for setting the neutral position of all servos
  • 2-position Expo / Dual Rate system, individually variable, switchable in flight
  • mixer functions
  • Programmable failsafe function "Hold" or "pre-set positions" separately adjustable for each individual servo channel

The set includes
  • Graupner transmitter mz-12 (No. S1002.77.DE)
  • Receiver Graupner GR-12L (No. S1012)
  • 4 x Alkaline batteries with battery-holder
  • Transmitter strap
  • Quick manual (Part 1) / Programming manual (Part 2) Download

Manufacturer recommended age: From 14 years

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Technical information
Aerial length [mm]: 120
Battery cell type: Al/Mn
Operating voltage neutral [V]: 3,4 - 6
Width [mm]: 259
Display?: Yes
Flight phase: Yes
Frequency: 2400 - 2483,5
All-up weight [g]: 575
Height [mm]: 96
HoTT - Technology: Yes
Channels: 6
Overall length [mm]: 184
Mixer: Yes
Model memory: 20
Range approx. [m]: 4000
Transmitter series: mz
Transmitter type: Hand
Voice output: Yes
Language variant: DE
Control function: 6
Current consumption [mA]: 250
Telemetry capable: Yes
Temperature range [°C]: -10 - +55
Touch Display: No
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