HoTT Alpha GPS and Vario Module
HoTT Alpha GPS and Vario Module

HoTT Alpha GPS and Vario Module

P/N: S8437


Utilizing u-blox 8 GPS receiver technology and GPS/GLONASS satellites, the Graupner HoTT Alpha GPS/Vario Module is our next generation of faster and more accurate positioning services. Ideal for multirotor, airplanes, cars and boats, the GPS sensor provides real-time information on altitude, flight location, distance, speed display, travel direction display, coordinates, and more. All information can be displayed on any HoTT radio display screen and used with voice announcements to report GPS telemetry data.

Telemetry settings and module programming can be achieved wirelessly using a Graupner HoTT radio or Smart-Box (P/N 33700, sold separately).  Log your GPS telemetry data to an SD memory card for evaluation via the Graupner Studio Program or Google Maps.


  • Altitude measurement
  • Diagonal distance
  • Heading direction
  • GPS speed
  • VARIO tone notifications of climb and descent trends
  • GPS data logging
  • Supports metric and imperial units
  • Wireless setup
  • Warning thresholds for GPS data values
  • Can be used with HoTT Viewer App to measure lap times


  • Graupner HoTT Alpha GPS/Vario Module
  • Manual