Ultra DUO Plus 80 1000W (2 x 500W) 7S Charger
Ultra DUO Plus 80 Charger

Ultra DUO Plus 80 1000W (2 x 500W) 7S Charger

P/N: 6480


  • Dual channel, 500W at 20A each (2 channels 1000W)
  • 2 x 20 battery memories for storing charge profiles (total 40)
  • High-contrast LCD screens (128 x 64) with blue backlighting
  • Delta peak cutoff detector for NiMH and NiCd cells with adjustable delta peak scanning
  • Internal battery resistance display
  • Protective circuit technology: Low-input voltage, over-current voltage, over-temperature, short-circuit, etc.
  • Supports HV LiPo batteries at 4.35V cell
  • Equipped with Optimized software for charging, discharging and balancing


  • ULTRA DUO PLUS 80 charger
  • EH to XH 7S Adapter Board and Cable x 2
  • DC input cable
  • Charging Cable x 2
  • Temp sensor x 2
  • Alligator Clip x 2
  • Manual



Specially designed for power and mobility, the Graupner ULTRA DUO PLUS 80 DC uses exclusive digital circuitry and high-quality components to bring you this powerful two-channel charger.  Each channel provides 500W, capable of handling up to 7S LiPo batteries.  The total charging power of this compact beauty is 1000W with 20A per channel at 24V – you will not find a charger with this much power density for this price anywhere else on the market!

Supporting almost all current battery chemistries, even high-voltage batteries can be charged with ease.  It fits neatly into any flight bag, making it an ideal on-the-go charging station at the field or racetrack.  The Graupner ULTRA DUO PLUS 80 DC adds spark to the life of your batteries and hobby experience!


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