Vector Boards 1000 x 300 x 30 mm 1 Stück

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BE A CREATOR Let your fantasy, your imagination and your creativity run wild with the Graupner... more


Let your fantasy, your imagination and your creativity run wild with the Graupner Vector Boards.

The new Vector Boards from Graupner offer you the opportunity to develop and build your own models according to your wishes.
Whether glider, remote-controlled aircraft model, vehicle model or stand model, the Vector Board is very versatile.
The Graupner Vector Board is more robust and tear-resistant than EPP and it will also be used in future on the Vector Line models.

Application examples are offered by the respective Vector Board thiknesses.

The Graupner Vector Board in thicknesses of 10 - 30 mm is ideally suited for Parkfly model aircraft in the range above 500 g. The material is ideally suited to produce either wings or fuselages with carbon fiber reinforcement and tail planes or deep-drawn shell models.

Material Surface
We decided to make the Vector Board material as light as possible, since most of it is about flying. Since the Vector Board material is cast in blocks and then divided into the different thicknesses, the surface of the Vector Board may look slightly different depending on the thickness.
The casting creates a kind of ice crystal look with streaks in the surface.
The material thickness has a tolerance of +/- 0.1-0.3 mm.

  • Light
  • Pretty tough
  • Finely pored
  • Flexible
  • Tear-resistant (except for sharp-edged cuts)

  • The Vector Board can be cut with the cutter or a knife or sawed with a fretsaw (fretsaw with a fine blade).
  • You can glue the Vector Board with UHU por, hot glue or superglue.
  • You can paint it with felt pens, crayons, acrylic paints, universal paints, watercolors, digital printing.
  • If desired, you can also deep-draw the Vector Board to create more elaborate shapes. With the hot air blower, simple shapes can be bent.

Recommended accessories:
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  • Vector Unit, 3 in 1 Unit - Drive Set No. 34002
  • Vector Unit Extreme, 3 in 1 Unit - Drive Set No. 34003
  • Remote control mz-4 HoTT, 2-channel No. S1031
  • Receiver GR-12 SH +, HoTT, 6 channel No. 33565
  • Digital servo DES 13 1 SH 11 mm No. 7902.SH
  • Servo DS 121 Micro Servo No. S4102.SH
  • Carbon fiber square bar 3x0.6x1000mm No. 5222.3.0,6
  • Carbon fiber square bar 4x0,6x1000mm No. 5222.4.0,6
  • Carbon fiber square rod 5x0.6x1000mm No. 5222.5.0,6
  • Carbon fiber square rod 5x1,0x1000mm No. 5222.5.1
  • Carbon fiber square bar 6x1,0x1000mm No. 5222.6.1,0
  • Carbon fiber square rod 10x0,4x1000mm No. 5222.10.0,4
  • Balsa cutter No. 980
  • Replacement blades for balsa cutter No. 987
  • Superglue viscous 20g No. 5821
  • Activator for super glue 150ml No. 953150
  • UHU Por 40g No. 959

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Technical information
Width [mm]: 300
Thickness [mm]: 30,0
Overall length [mm]: 1000
Material: Vector Board