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Polaron EX 1400W 8S 3" Color and Touch TFT (Silver)



  • P/N: S2018
    Professional silver color
    Optimal space saving design
    Friendly 3.0" color and TFT LCD Touchscreen
    1400W at 24V, 350W at 12V per channel
    Charges LiPo, LiLo, LiFe (up to 8 cells), NiCd, NiMh (up to 16 cells), Pb 1-12 cells
    Discharge current 60W per channel
    Supports high voltage LiPo battery charging
    Support for parallel charging of multiple batteries on a single channel
    Supports two channel battery synchronization
    20 memory battery profile channels for each charge port (total 40 memories)
    USB data port for firmware updates and PC charger monitoring
    External USB charge port for tablets or smartphones
    Built-in servo and sensored motor tester
    Supports tire warmer accessory (P/N S8350, sold separately)
    Polaron EX1400 Charger
    2 x EH to XH 8S balancing boards and cables
    2 x Temperature sensors
    2 x Charge cable
    2 x Alligator clip
    Stylus pen
    Charger stand
    USB cable
    DC input cable
    The most powerful charger ever made by Graupner, the Polaron EX1400 charger may well be the last charger you will ever buy. Dual channels provide up to 700W at 8S each totaling 1400W of power packed in a compact case that is easy to store and transport. Like all other Graupner Polaron chargers the EX1400 supports most battery types available on the market. Power your charger with any DC 12V ~ 24V power supply such as the Polaron Switching Power Supply (P/N S2012), which has been specially designed with a genius side-docking power system that eliminates the need for external connecting cables, allowing a seamless coupling to the Polaron EX1400.

    The beautiful 3.0” TFT LCD touchscreen gives the Polaron EX1400 a user-friendly interface. Automatic setup provides optimal charge profiles, ensuring efficient and safe charging – simply enter the battery type, cell numbers and capacity information and the Polaron EX1400 will do the rest! Eliminate the need to re-enter battery information by using up to 20 different memory profiles – just select the appropriate battery profile and press CHARGE. Prolong the life-cycle of your batteries by discharging them and/or placing them in Store Mode when not in use. Safe handling and monitoring is easy when the Polaron EX1400 is attached to the supplied balancing boards and when used with the enclosed temperature sensors that carefully monitor high charge rate batteries.

    Professionalize your look with the black casing. Stay informed on a desktop or laptop computer via the USB connection by monitoring the charging process or upgrading the firmware with our free Graupner Update Studio. The Polaron EX1400 excels at bringing new life to your batteries and hobby experience!
    RC Groups
  • Specifications
    Power source 11 - 28V External DC Power Supply (Docking system)
    Display TFT 3.0” LCD W/ Touch screen
    Battery Type & Cells NiCd, NiMH / 1 to 16 cells / each channel
    LiPo, LiFe, LiIo / 1 to 8 cells / each channel
    Pb / 1 to 12 cells (2V/cell) / each channel
    Output 2 Channels (730W x 2CH = 1460W)
    Charge Current 0.1 - 30.0A (100mA steps) / Max.700W-24V, Max.730W-25V Max.350W - 12V
    Discharge Current 0.1 - 10.0A (100mA steps) / Max.60W
    Cycling Discharge / Charge to Discharge / Discharge to Charge
    Balancing current Max. 1.000mA
    USB USB 5V output (5.0V 2.5A) / USB B-Type
    Sub Function Servo Test, Motor Test, Warmer, ESC setting
    Firmware upgrade External Mini USB device
    PC communication Data Logging and Monitoring
    Languages Standard English other languages with firmware update
    Cooling system
    x 2ea Dynamic Cooling Fan
    1.97 x 1.97 x 0.39 in
    50 x 50 x 10 mm
    Ext. Module socket Futaba 3P socket
    Motor Test socket ZHR
    Servo Test socket Futaba 3P socket
    Memory Each 20 memories (20ea x 2CH = 40 memories)
    SMPS Docking
    Dimension 3.47 x 8.00 x 7.73 in
    88.2 x 203.4 x 196.3 mm
    Weight 48.25 oz (3.01 lbs)
    1368 g
  • S8503 - Polaron WLAN Module Manual

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