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HGM SOR +T BB MG Torque Racing HV BL Digital Telemetry Servo



  • P/N: S4088
    Designed for the needs of surface drivers who need performance and reliability without compromise, the Graupner HGM SOR +T Speed High-Voltage Brushless is a racing servo ideally suited for 1:8 or 1:10 buggy type models.

    The new +T version of the HGM SOR +T features built in telemetry to monitor servo performance under various conditions of load. Also, when using the over the air setup interface on our X-8N or X-8E surface radios you will be able to fine tune many servo setting without the need of any special program boxes or computer.

    The HGM +T series are digital servos optimized for high voltage (7.4V) and designed around a high performance brushless motor, precision cut metal gears, metal heats sink and are water resistance making them the perfect workhorse under demanding track conditions.

    HGM +T servos provide speed and holding power with low dead band technology for extra precision. HGM +T servos can be programmed with any of our X-8N or X-8E surface radios when connected to a GR-8 HoTT receiver.
    Real-time telemetry of servo performance
    Over the air setup of servo settings
    Compatible with Sanwa SSR mode (Sanwa Super Response)
    High-Voltage Brushless Motor
    At least five times longer-lasting
    30% faster response times than brushed servos
    Small current consumption equivalent of 5.0V class Digital Servo
    Programmable Digital Circuit and SMT circuitry
    2048 high resolution
    Supports 1-16µ depending on programming
    Wide range of frame rate 20Hz-400Hz
    12-bit processing circuit (at least twice resolution comparing to 10-bit processing circuit)
    HGM SOR +T BB MG High-Voltage Brushless Digital Servo
    Horn set
  • Specifications
    Category BLDC High Voltage
    Type Digital
    Motor BLDC
    Speed 4.8V 0.16 Sec/60
    6.0V 0.14 Sec/60
    7.4V 0.11 Sec/60
    Torque  4.8V 116.67 oz.in
    8.4 Kg.cm
    6.0V 145.83 oz.in
    10.5 Kg.cm
    7.4V 173.61 oz.in
    12.5 Kg.cm
    Gear 1+3Metal
    Bearing 2BB
    Heat sink O
    Connector type JR
    Size 1.57 x 0.77 x 1.65 in
    40.0 x 20.0 x 40.4 mm
    Weight 2.47 oz
    70.00 g
    Horn size Ø 6 (25T)


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