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The Graupner Ultra 20 A SBEC is the ideal controller for any airplane in need of a small footprint and lightweight ESC. The ULTRA 20 A SBEC combines a compact design, low weight, fast response times, 5.3V 3A switching BEC and optimized settings for airplanes.

The Ultra controller is based on the Open Source BLHeli Main software 14.x. The ESC hardware is designed around the advanced 50 MHz Silabs processors ensuring high efficiency, precise timing and fast response times. The amplifier is housed in a 5 x 6 DFN package. The field effect transistors (FET) have an extremely low internal resistance (<1.5 mOhm). Special FET drivers provide a more effective active recovery and better cooling for the amplifiers. The ceramic capacitors used allow super-fast start-up times and guarantee high operational reliability.

The Ultra ESC can be programmed and its firmware updated with the Graupner update cable 7168.6 and the BLHeli software desktop software (this ESC cannot be programmed over a HoTT radio)

It has built in telemetry for measuring the main battery voltage using a voltage divider. The additional voltage sensor cable allows the voltage measurement and telemetry warning with the GR-12, GR-12 SH, GR-12 SH or Falcon 12 gyro receiver connected to CH5 or on the GR-16/GR-16L on channel 6 and GR-18 on channel 9.


  • Open Source BL Heli Software
  • 50 MHz Silabs Processor
  • High DFN 5x6 FET amplifiers
  • Operates with 2S – 4S LiPo
  • Special FET Driver
  • Ceramic Capacitors
  • Programming and firmware updates with BL-Heli software
  • Telemetry readout of main battery pack voltage
  • XT-30 Connector
  • 2 mm motor connectors


  • Ultra 20A SBEC +T BLHeli
  • Manual

Battery plug connection: XT-30
BEC [V / A]: 5,3/3
Brushless: Yes
Max. continous current [A]: 20
Field of application: Airplanes, Heli, Copter, Cars, Boats
Max. continous current [A]: 20
Type: SBEC
Cell count, LiPo, Lilo, LiFe: 2-4 S

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