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GM Genius 90R +T PRO V2 Telemetry ESC




The Graupner GM GENIUS 90R PRO V2 +T ESC is suitable for 1/10 scale on-road stock care, crawlers and off road race. With its built in real-time telemetry it provides the driver system information such as main pack voltage, current, RPM, speed and more.

When used with a Graupner HoTT surface radio like the X-8N or X-8E, telemetry information will show on the radio screen or via voice providing instant information to the driver about the vehicle state providing better situational awareness and increased safety.

Manufactured with high quality components and advanced GM Racing software the GM GENIUS 60R provides good performance for use in 1/16~1/10 scale cars.


  • Compatible with sensored brushless motors or brushed motors
  • Selectable battery type: LiFe, LiPo, NiMH / NiCd
  • Down voltage in 0.1V increments: automatic or 3.0 ... 6.5 V
  • Power curve: soft, linear, hard
  • Zero-timing mode
  • High-speed timing mode
  • Acceleration (soft throttle) in 5 increments
  • Startup power selectable in 5 increments
  • Start current limit adjustable from 0 ... 100% or OFF
  • Current limit adjustable from 0 ... 100% or OFF
  • Modes: forward / brake, forward / brake / reverse
  • Two different reverse modes for all settings
  • 1. Time delay for reverse adjustable between 0.2 s ... 2.5 s
  • 2. Reverse to with braking function
  • Neutral point width adjustable in 3 increments
  • ABS brakes adjustable in 5 increments or OFF
  • Automatic brake 0 ... 100% in 1% increments (great for crawlers)
  • Minimum brake from 0 ... 100% in 1% increments
  • Maximum brake from 0 ... 100% in 1% increments
  • Maximum reverse speed from 20 ... 100% in 1% increments
  • Motor magnet pole 2 ... 20 poles and gear ratio adjustable
  • Tire diameter settings
  • Maximum RPM for 2 pole motors 210,000
  • Providing up to 3A BEC current
  • Easy firmware upgrade with PC USB cable
  • Programmable with Graupner HoTT transmitter or program box
  • Cool Power FET technology
  • Multi protection system (Temperature, Motor Temperature, Low-voltage cut off, Over-current)


*Select Battery *Cut Off Temp
*Cut Off Voltage *Cut Off M-Temp
*Power Curve *B.E.C. Voltage
*Advance Timing *Current Voltage
*Acceleration *Current Temp
*Start Power *Max Temperature
*Start Cur Limit *Motor Max Temp
*Current Limit *Max Current
*Reverse Function *Motor Pole Num
*Reverse Delay *Gear Ratio
*M Reverse Amount *Tire Diameter
*Neutral Width *Motor-Wiring
*Motor Direction *Maximum Speed
*Speed Mixing Brk *Average Speed
*A.B.S Brake *Error History
*Auto Brake Amount *Download
*Min Brake Amount *Restore Memory
*Max Brake Amount *Backup Memory


  • Main Pack Voltage
  • Temperatures
  • Max. Temperature
  • Max. Current
  • Max. Speed
  • Average Speed
  • Error Messages


  • Sensor Cable 150mm
  • Pre-soldererd motor wires
  • Pre-soldererd battery wires
  • Manual
Operating Motor Brushless and Brushed
Sensored / Sensorless Brushless System Yes
Operating voltage LiPo:1-2cells
LiFe: 2cells 
Nicd/NiMh: 4-6 cells
On-Resistance at 25°C 0.0013O/phase
Rated Current 382A/phase
Motor Limit(Brushless / Brushed) Over 5.5 turns Over 6 turns
BEC Up-Down 6.0V / 3.0A
BEC Voltage range 6~7.4V(0.2V STEP)
Current Limit Yes
Booster Yes
Turbo Yes
Fwd / Brake Yes
Fwd / Brake/ Reverse Yes
USB-updatable firmware Yes
Super Programming system Yes
Overtemp. protection Yes
Low voltage cut-off Protection Yes
Power and motor wires 2.5mm²
Plugged Fan optional
Dimensions 32 x 38.6 x 21 mm 1.3 x 1.5 x 0.8 in
Weight 54.2g 1.9 oz

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