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Ultra Control 3D 20A 2S-4S OPTO




The Graupner Ultra Control 20A 3D has been designed for the more demanding control and response needed when flying 3D multirotor such as the Alpha 300Q. Manufactured with high-quality components and optimized software it only weights 15 grams (with cable). The Ultra Control 20A 3D uses the latest BL-Heli software and is currently the only flight controller using a 50 MHz Silabs processor. The powerful Silabs processor provides a higher clock rate therefore allowing higher maximum speeds and precise rotational timing. The special SO8 FET amplifiers are distinguished by their low internal resistance therefore providing higher efficiency and cooler operation. The Ultra-Low ESR capacitors guarantee high operational safety during superfast rotational reversals and fast startup. The high precisions resistors will guarantee accurate and consistent operations during motor starts in Damped Light mode.

The Graupner Ultra 20A 3D will automatically detect normal PPM and OneShot controllers. By default, the controller is optimized to utilize the Graupner GR-18 receiver and flight controller

The Ultra Control 20A 3D can programmed and updated with the Graupner USB updater (7168.6) using the BL Heli desktop software.


  • Open Source BL Heli Software 14.2
  • 50 MHz Silabs Processor
  • Power SO8 FETs Amplifiers
  • Internal resistance typical 1.6 mOhm
  • Special FET Driver
  • Ultra Low ESR Capacitors
  • Compatible with PPM and OneShot
  • Programming and firmware updates with BL-Heli software
  • Optimized for GR-18 and 3D multirotors


  • Graupner Ultra Control 20A 3D
  • Manual

Operating Voltage Max 4S LiPo
Operational Temperature Range -10 ~ +55 Celcius
Weight 15 Grams
Dimensions (LxWxH) 42 x 22 x 11mm


Instructions for programming and updating Graupner Ultra Control 20A ESC’s P/N S3056.MB – S3056 – S3057


BLHeliSuite. Download here

  • Graupner USB firmware update board and cables P/N 7168.6 and P/N 7168.S (please note that this cable set is provided standard with the mz-18, mz-24, X-8N, X-8E, mc-20, mc-16, mc-32 and mx-20 radios)
  • Any 3S power source to power the Graupner Ultra Control ESC
  • Servo T-Cable to connect the ESC to the USB update board


After downloading the BLHeliSuite which comes in an archive, install the files from the archive in a directory where you have access rights to.

The Graupner USB update board requires the Silicon Labs CP210x USB to UART drivers. Please note that in the latest windows 8 and windows 10 there is no need for installing those drivers. You can find those drivers here.UPDATING

  • Connect the USB cable to the USB update board and to your computer
  • Connect the ESC plug and the two wire plug coming from the USB board (orange/brown) to the Y-Cable
  • Start the BLHeliSuite software
  • From the main menu click “Select ATMEL / SILABS Interface”
  • Select “ATMEL BLHeli Bootloader USB/COM”
  • Check on the left bottom corner that the right COM Port is selected (usually COM 3)
  • Click on “Connect”
  • A dialog will show asking you to Connect the ESC and Power Up. Apply power to the ESC. You will see the button “Connect” change to “Disconnect” indicating that the connection to the BLHeliSuite is active.
  • Press the button “Read Setup” to read the current settings of the ESC.
  • You will see at the top the current firmware version of the Graupner Ultra 20A ESC.
  • Any changes made to the firmware settings need to be activated by pressing “Write Setup”
  • If you want to check for newer firmware, click on “Flash BLHeli”. The latest firmware will be shown in the dialog. Select the version you would like to use and press OK.

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