Die G-FPV Rennserie startet!

Picture this, you are passing a 1,5 x 3 m wide gate with over 100km/h - this is FPV race action!

We are proud to announce the start of the Graupner G-FPV Races.

G-FPV Race is the Graupner FPV (First Person View) race series for multicopter, e.g. the Graupner Alpha 250Q (No. 16520). Top speeds over 100 km/h, low flight height, tracks full of curves, exciting head to head races and tight gates ensure a spectacular event for all involved pilots and spectators.

Graupner is the official partner for all organizers. Therefore we are looking for you. Organize an FPV race in your neighbourhood and Graupner offers you everything you need - beach-flags, gates and time tracking systems.

The framework of the G-FPV Race is based on the regulations of the Drone Nationals in Bexbach, the ERSA and qualifying events for the German Masters. Order your G-FPV regulation now. All your questions will be answered.

The single G-FPV Race events are resulting in a complete racing series. The starting pilots will be automatically included in the league and will be listed in a ranking.

What do you have in change?

Enjoy high-class action packed races and offer them to your club members or friends. Promote your offspring and recruit new members. Offer your Region an exclusive race event. The earnings of the Race events belong to you.

All information about race series so as events and venues are available on the G-FPV Race Facebook page.

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