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Firmware Upgrade Studio 4.3
- Automatic download of the current HoTT-Firmware/Software for all HoTT Component integrated (except receiver #33565 & #33566)
- Logfile reporting telemetry controller
- Update for mz-24 possible

Firmware Upgrade Studio 4.6
- Update can be made on mc-28 and mz-24.PRO
- Updates will be made automatically with the http-server and not with ftp-server

Firmware Upgrade Studio 4.6 V2
- Load the model memory from the mc-26/28 works
- BUS Firmware upgrade for GPS / Vario Module Alpha Graupner HoTT (No. S8437)
- Link for generating QR codes. Suitable for WiFi chargers Polaron. With the WiFi app, stickers can be generated for the batteries and the app and the QR codes set the right parameters for charging.

Firmware Upgrade Studio 4.7 from 27 June 17
- Corrected the QR-Code generator
- Improved model memory security

VDF Editor from 06th November 2017
-The VDFEditor is a program that can edit voice announcements for the Graupner HoTT radios.
- Manual in the languages DE and EN in the zip-data enclosed

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  • Error

    Cannot download english version, file size is 0.


  • Firmware upgrade studio 4.6 notice

    Please translate manuel firmware upgrade 4.6 in english or french for no german users. It is difficult to update without :we don't understand error messages!

  • Answer "Error"

    Hello Marc,

    the English version of the Firmware Upgrade works now.
    Thank you for your information.

    Kind regards


  • Answer to "Firmware upgrade studio 4.6 notice"

    Hello Gastal Michel,

    thank you for your message.
    We are really sorry that we can not offer you an English or French version of the Firmware Upgrade 4.6 manual.
    We translation is still in processing.
    Thank you for your appreciation.

    Kind regards


  • Studio 4.7

    you answer : "Hello Andy Dix, please do not update the version v1.052. Therefore you need the GR_Studio 4.7"
    Kind regards Graupner
    So where is possible to download 4.7 ?? Only 4.6 is available but you let people to download 1.052 for Mz24!


  • Answer "Studio 4.7"

    Hello Davide Dreossi,

    for the mz-24 the current certified version is 1.042.
    For the update version 1.042 you need the Firmware 4.6.
    The version 1.05x and the firmware 4.7 are not certified and not issued by Graupner/SJ GmbH.
    So you can not download the firmware 4.7 at our update blog.

    Kind regards


  • firmware upgrade studio

    la version 4.7 en français ne trouve pas les fichiers bin de mise à jour.
    Merci de votre réponse.

  • Manual Firmware_Upgrade_Studio.pdf

    Hi, please, where I find the MANUAL FIRMWARE_UPGRADE_STUDIO.PDF in english version? Thank you so much. Best wishes from Brazil.

  • Answer to "firmware upgrade studio"

    Bonjoure Monsieur Delalonde,

    I am sorry but it is difficult to understand your question and your error.
    It is not possible to update the 4.7 with the automatical update (please check your internet connection) or it was not possible with a manual access into the file.

    Please let us know more details and we looking forward to help you.

    Kind regards


  • Answer "Manual Firmware_Upgrade_Studio.pdf"

    Hello Arlindo Carvalho,

    we are really sorry but we can not offer you a firmware upgrade studio manual in English at the moment.
    We are eager to make this timely. Thank you for your understanding.

    Kind regards from Germany


  • keep getting error message " ERROR RETURN. ADDRESS :8004000"

    Hi struggling to update MZ-24 with latest firmware, keeps coming up with " ERROR RETURN. ADDRESS :8004000" can you help please

  • Ouverture fichier bin

    Ayant voulu passer la radio en Français, j'ai suivi la procédure pour télécharger le dernier Firmware en Français avec le soft en 4.7. Plantage en plein téléchargement. La radio est donc plantée.
    J'ai donc voulu utiliser la procédure d'urgence .... La version 4.7 ne permet de sélectionner les fichiers bin.
    Je fais quoi maintenant ? Agggrhhhhhhhhh !

  • Answer "keep getting error message " ERROR RETURN. ADDRESS :8004000"

    Hello Shaun,

    we never heard from this error. The source of error may come from the update program, not from the transmitter.
    But we need more details that we can support you.
    Please get in touch with our service (mail: or phone. +49 0 7021/722 130

    Kind regards


  • Répondre à "Ouverture fichier bin"

    Bonjour M. Fonvielle

    Vous pouvez utiliser le programme d’urgence en téléchargeant le fichier bin
    Lancer la procédure avec l’émetteur à l’arrêt, puis mettre l’émetteur en marche lorsque la barre verte commence à défiler.
    Si cela ne fonctionne pas appelez-moi au 03 87 85 62 12



  • mz-24 updating Error 8004000

    Hi - I am trying to update my mz-24 from v041 to v052 using firmware v4.7, and I encounter Error return address : 8004000 , Firmware download Fail.


  • Answer to "mz-24 updating Error 8004000"

    Hello Mike,

    it might be the USB driver. Do you have installed the USB driver?

    Kind regards


  • Are micro_swloader exe-fil a virus?

    The fil "micro_swloader_V11.exe" that is in your downloads, are by Norton antivirus I am running on my laptop considered to be a threat to the computer and are therefor remowed befor when unpacking the ZIP files.

    Can you please re-wrigt that exe-fil so that I can upgrade my gyrorecivers. Or give us an opertunity to upgrade the gyro-reciver from the studio instead.

    Otherwise an exelent radiosystem, using MC28

    Regards from

  • ubdate mz-12

    Prosím , link na video aktualizácia mz-12 . Aké Graupner Kabel und Stecker potrebujem ? Aký postup dodržať ? (Fernsteuerung) Vysielač kábel + S - ? Ďakujem

  • Answer "ubdate mz-12"

    Hello Hanus Rudolf,

    thank you very much for your comment. Unfortunately we can no understand your question.
    Please get in touch with us in English or German.

    Thank you

    Kind regards


  • ¨POLARON EX upgrade

    Hi Gr support,

    using last version of French Gr Studio on Win7 labtop to upgrade POLARON EX (current v1.3xx) USB link is operational (datas from POLARON displayed after COM port selection) but the file target is hosted! (.BIN file...)
    Note that when i'm using win explorer, the file is available !!!
    Help requested for that trouble,


  • Answer "Polaron EX upgrade"

    Hello YanOnQwad,

    thank you very much for your comment.
    Unfortunately we do not understand your question.
    Feel free to get in touch with our French Service Department or please explain the bug in French.

    Kind regards


  • Mac users

    Is the firmware Upgrade Studio compatible with MAC?

  • Answer "Mac users"

    Hello Mr Philips,

    unfortunately the Firmware Upgrade is not compatible with MAC.

    Kind regards


  • Model Data read not working

    Using v4.7 of the software with an MZ-24 Pro running 2v.025, Model Data read does not work at all. PC side is grayed out and can't select files. If I click the Read Start button, I get an error that says "connected device not supported". Meanwhile, the MZ firmware update worked, I can read the TX time, and I can read all the sound files. So the connection is working but not the Model Data feature on either the PC or controller side. I have tried this on both a laptop and a desktop both running Windows 7 Pro 64 bit.

  • Answer "Model Data read not working"

    Hello Mr Rhodes,

    the model memory can only take place with internet connection.
    If you have internet connection please contact our service directly .

    Kind regards