Receiver GR-12s HoTT - V 3a57


GR-12s HoTT | #33505
 gr-12s_eng Version: V 3a57          
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- Firmware-Upgrade

V 3a30
•    SUMO for channel 4-16 and OFF by signal lost
•    Nautic and multichannel function now with SAME and 20ms period time, so that it is suitable also for analog servos.
•    Many mixers can be mixed on one output (slave)
•    Digital sum signal SUMD 115200 baud. Following manufacturers already support the very fast digital sum signal with a period time of 10ms:
•    Warning threshold receiver voltage 3V - 7,5 V
•    Failsafe also in satellite use

V 3a52
•    Faster protocol for sensors
•    Back channel improved after new binding to the model memory with newest transmitter software

•    Temperature and low voltage warning

•    Display of the version number in the text menu

•    SUMO: Failsafe/Hold settable
•    SUMO AUSby Failsafe: When an output is set on OFF

Specials: The update should be performed with the Firmwareupgrader
The update should be performed 2 times
After a factory reset should be performed
This receiver has only one (green) LED!

After the update a factory reset should be performed! Push and hold the Bind button then switch the receiver ON and wait about 3 seconds until the LED light up. Release the button. Without reset the servos might run to their mechanical end point!

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