Receiver GR-12 HoTT - Version 3a70

GR-12 HoTT | #33506
  Version: V 3a70      
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- Handbuch, Manual, Manuel
- HoTT - Software (Firmware-Upgrade)


- SUMO: Failsafe/Hold settable.
- SUMO AUS by Failsafe: when an output is set on OFF.

- 0 Bug eliminated and telemetry is faster

V3a70 from 27 June 2017
- Voltage measurement adjustable on channel 6.

Attention: Voltage divider on channel 6 necessary as similar with the receiver #33576 or use the controller S3082 or S3083.
The voltage divider is built in the controller S3082 and S3083.

Changes from 02. August 2017
New manual GR-12 available


The update should be performed with the Firmwareupgrader >3.7.
The update should be performed 2 times.
Thereafter a factory reset should be made
This receiver has only one (green) LED!
Attention: After the update a factory reset should be made! Push and hold the Bind button then switch the receiver ON and
wait about 3 seconds until the LED light up. Release the button.
Without reset the servos might run to their mechanical end point!
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  • manual en

    Can you also include new en. manual? And for GR-16 too? Tkanks

  • Answer "manual en"

    Hello Ivan,

    thank you very much for your comment.
    We are working on the English manual and we will pubilc the manual as soon as possible.

    Kind regards


  • manual , manuel

    Toujours pas de manuel en Français , ou au moins en anglais !

  • Répondre "manual , manuel"

    Bonjour Michel,

    Vous trouverez les instructions ici:

    Kind regards


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