Receiver GR-10C HoTT + 3xG + 3A - V Q05

GR-10C +3xG +3A HoTT | #S1029
gr-10c_eng  Version: Q05    

Ohter downloads:

- Firmware-Upgrade
- Werksresetfile für GR-10C


 Changes 11.01.2018


-Quadro XI (Inverse X) type introduced
- Freestyle Parameters: For Race set 0-1 for Freestyle 1-10.



Q05 Additional Instructions:

Attention! Please remove the propellers before the update. The motors may start unintentionally.

- New factory settings after update (previous settings are   reset)
- Multishot8 8khz and Multishot32 32kHz:
  Multishot has the following limitations:
  Multishot works exclusively with Quadro + and x. For       other copter types, ESC pulses are not output and it       must be selected between PPM and Oneshot.
  When multi-shot is used, the GR-18 receivers                 deactivate channels 7-9 and they cannot be used for       servos.
  BL HELI and BL HELI S currently have problems with     3D mode with Multishot32. Therefore, oneshot or BL       HELI S from 16.52 with Multishot8 should be used in       3D mode.
  The Graupner S3056 ULTRA controllers can be used       with version 14.85 Multishot8 and 32 in Normal mode.

- Higher rotation possible:
  Rate settings now adjustable from 0 to 100:
  50 at Q05 corresponds to 10 at Q04
  For beginners, we recommend the setting of approx. 25   for Roll/Nick and 50 for Yaw.
  For racers and freestyle pilots we recommend values of   50-70 for Roll/Nick and Yaw.

- Dynamic settings:

- Dynamic Yaw:
  Higher dynamic values ensure a more direct flight           feeling (3D flight 50 ... 100),
  Lower dynamics for smoother flight photographs,
  Round flying at freestyle and races (30 ... 50)

- Dynamics Roll/Nick:
  Higher dynamic values ensure a more direct flight           feeling (3D flight 80 ... 100),
  Lower dynamics for smoother flight photographs,
  Rounder flying with freestyle and races (30 ... 80)

- Airmode:
The Airmode is always active as soon as the motors are armed.

- Attenuation:
  As a rule, with Oneshot and Multishot, the attenuation     can be reduced to 1 with Raceprops and 3D Props up       to 6 inches. This generally reduces vibrations when         trapping the copter and at 180 degrees turning.
  SBUS Input: The receiver can process SBUS n. Inv.       signals from the TBS Crossfire receivers. The signal is   connected to the telemetry connector and it is                 automatically detected after switching on.

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