Receiver GR-18 +3xG +3A Copter Flight - Q05

GR-18 +3xG +3A + Copter Flight HoTT | #S1019
 gr-18-copter_eng Version: V_Q05   


- Firmware-Upgrader
- PC-Updatesoftware for Gyro Receiver
- Werksresetfile für GR-18

 Q05 Additional Instructions:

Attention! Please remove the propellers before the update. The motors may start unintentionally.

- New factory settings after update (previous settings are   reset)
- Multishot8 8khz and Multishot32 32kHz:
  Multishot has the following limitations:
  Multishot works exclusively with Quadro + and x. For     other copter types, ESC pulses are not output and it       must be selected between PPM and Oneshot.
  When multi-shot is used, the GR-18 receivers                 deactivate channels 7-9 and they cannot be used for       servos.
  BL HELI and BL HELI S currently have problems with     3D mode with Multishot32. Therefore, oneshot or BL       HELI S from 16.52 with Multishot8 should be used in       3D mode.
  The Graupner S3056 ULTRA controllers can be used       with version 14.85 Multishot8 and 32 in Normal mode.

- Higher rotation possible:
  Rate settings now adjustable from 0 to 100:
  50 at Q05 corresponds to 10 at Q04
  For beginners, we recommend the setting of approx. 25   for Roll/Nick and 50 for Yaw.
  For racers and freestyle pilots we recommend values of   50-70 for Roll/Nick and Yaw.

- Dynamic settings:

- Dynamic Yaw:
  Higher dynamic values ensure a more direct flight           feeling (3D flight 50 ... 100),
  Lower dynamics for smoother flight photographs,
  Round flying at freestyle and races (30 ... 50)

- Dynamics Roll/Nick:
  Higher dynamic values ensure a more direct flight           feeling (3D flight 80 ... 100),
  Lower dynamics for smoother flight photographs,
  Rounder flying with freestyle and races (30 ... 80)

- Airmode:
The Airmode is always active as soon as the motors are armed.

- Attenuation:
  As a rule, with Oneshot and Multishot, the attenuation     can be reduced to 1 with Raceprops and 3D Props up     to 6 inches. This generally reduces vibrations when         trapping the copter and at 180 degrees turning.
  SBUS Input: The receiver can process SBUS n. Inv.       signals from the TBS Crossfire receivers. The signal is   connected to the telemetry connector and it is                 automatically detected after switching on.

Q05 from 20.03.2017
- Controll setup included in the update

Q04 Hornet 250 from 02. August 2017
- Update just for the Hornet 250 (No. 16540.)


Q05 from 11.01.2018

-Quadro XI (Inverse X) type introduced
- Freestyle Parameters: For Race set 0-1 for Freestyle 1-10

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