Brushless Control T 35, T 45, T 60, T 70, T100 - V 1a46


Brushless Control 35, 45, 60, 70, 100 +T |
#33735, 33745, 33760, 33770, S3030
esc_eng  Version: V 1a46      

 V 1a43
- Start-up of governor mode improved
- Delayed beep sound for using the XT-90 connector. XT-90 connector may only be used with the new software.
- Start-up improved

V 1a46
New adjustable via telemetry
- Volume of beeps adjustable from 1 to 5
- Model-search on- and detachable with a beep.
- No motor from beep at -120%

V 1a49 from 23 March 2018
- Improved text telemtry

V 1a46 from 3rd April 2018
- We found a bug in version 1a49 therefore 1a46 is available again.


A factory reset should be made after the update


Update over Y-cable on 2-pin update cable.
Power supply over the batterie connection of controller

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  • Use Graupner ESCs with Extreme Fligth Xpwr T3910 motor

    I am tryng use Graupner ESCs with Extreme Fligth Xpwr T3910 motor.
    I have tried BRUSHLESS CONTROL +T 60 #33760 and BRUSHLESS CONTROL +T 100 S3030 regs.
    Battery 4S 2700mAh, prop 14x7.
    With both regulators there are the same problem - synchronization fail occurs - screaming sound K-H-R-R-H-H-I-I-!!!, thrust drops, current increases.
    I have set timing to maximim - 25, at lower values disruptions occur more often.
    What other parameters can I try to change to get rid of this?
    In general, does the Graupner regulators compatible with multi-pole (18 in Xpwr T3910) motors?

  • Answer "Use Graupner ESCs with Extreme Fligth Xpwr T3910 motor"

    Hello Erno,

    please program the number of poles and timing for your motor in the controller corretly.

    Kind regards


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