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Important note for using the flight simulator!

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Flight simulator aeroflyRC7 Ultimate version
For every favorite Simulator controller, suitable for transmitter and joystick! All models smooth settable in all scales! more than 200 models!
over 50 landscapes! Quadcopters, motor airplanes, helicopters, gliders, jets, scale models! Perfected AeroFly flight-physics. With real flight-feeling!
IKARUS presents with the aeroflyRC7 not only a brand new flight simulator with over 200 models and 50 landscapes, but in many aspects a new sensation.
Complete of everything, the aeroflyRC7 offers all that you can wish to find in a flight simulator and even more! Motor airplanes, helicopters, gliders and quadcopters;
Training help like aerobatic grid, position indicator and hovering trainer, 4D landscapes, multiplayer, voice chat, aero-tow and much more.
IKARUS has equipped the new product in a so extensive way that the aeroflyRC7 can become the flight simulator with the worldwide best ratio between price and performance.
The unique surprise is not only the price but the incredible performance available through the aeroflyRC7. All the other model flight simulators will have to match with this flight simulator!

Thrill Nr. 1
The unbeatable price:
For Euro 139,- the user receives the flight simulator with the best graphic performance and the best flight physics. Available as DVD hardware or immediate download possible too! There is nowhere in the world a better RC flight simulator with this sensational price/performance ratio!

Thrill Nr. 2
Immediately ready to start after the installation.
If the user already has a USB controller or the USB adapter #33004, he can fly directly after the installation. If not, he will however be able to fly through the mouse controls.
Suitable game controllers and USB interfaces are available as accessories.

Thrill Nr. 3
Universal for every simulator controllers, transmitter or joystick.
With the aeroflyRC7 the user becomes the pleasure of a total freedom, which comes from the choice of the control devices. Each USB controller will be recognized by the aeroflyRC7. No matters if it is an IKARUS controller or an RC transmitter with USB adapter. The user is on
no more hardware bound. Also the controllers from other flight simulators e.g. RealFlght or Phoenix can be used. For all of those who do not already have a controller, IKARUS obviously offers suitable USB controllers too.
As controller it is possible to use:
• All the previous IKARUS game controllers
• All the RC transmitter with the IKARUS USB interface stick
• All the USB RC transmitters, also even if they are not from IKARUS
• All the commercial USB flight-simulator joysticks
• All the USB simulator cables, also the ones not from IKARUS
• All RC-Sim controllers, also those from other simulators
• All USB gamepads
• All the USB controller mice

Thrill Nr. 4
All models are settable in all scales!
It sound incredible nut the aeroflyRC7 has a completely new function which consists in enlarging the choice of models endlessly. The scale of each model, no matters if winged or helicopter, can be changed between 50% and 200% of the original dimension!
Users can for example reduce a jet model with 2,4 m wingspan to 1,2 m wingspan or enlarge it up to 4,8 m wingspan. The scaling is a very easy process which is set through a slide in the model selection menu. With the change of the size also the weight and the flight-physics will automatically change.
Each scale model, aerobatic model, glider or helicopter will become through this function an agile mini model or a stable slow reacting big-scale model.
Though this world premiere feature, the user can select one of the 200 models with one of the never-ending size possibilities and create his own dreams' model. And it all through a few mouse clicks only!

Thrill Nr. 5
Over 200 models.
A complete count would be wide too long. Jets, aerobatic models, gliders, delta wings, helicopters with electric motor, engine or turbine, quadcopters, foamies, shock-flyers, race models, multi motor, tandem helicopters and much more.
In the aeroflyRC7 the user finds everything he has been dreaming about RC models. On the web site www.ikarus.net there is a model gallery which shows practically all the models. Some highlights are available at the end of this media-information in the media-gallery.

Thrill Nr. 6
Over 50 landscapes.
The aeroflyRC7 really includes everything what makes it the best IKARUS flight simulator of all the times. Extremely realistic photo scenery of many European and world wide model flight fields and hangars, implemented fashioning 4D landscapes with freely selectable sight and weather conditions that offer an incredible plus about flight fun through many challenges and follow flight mode. Included are also the beloved and extraordinary sceneries as Wasserkuppe, Hahnenmoospass (Schalmi), Las Vegas by night and much more.

Thrill Nr. 7
Ultra-realistic flight feeling thank to the completely new aerofly flight-physics.
The aeroflyRC7 is based on a completely new real-physics flight simulation. The processes calculated in real time have been widely improved so that the aeroflyRC7 offers an ultra realistic flight feeling. The even faster and strict to the physical parameters oriented calculations are visibly active on the flight behavior of the model


We recommend the RX2SIM USB Multi-Sim adapter #33005 for the use of the HoTT receivers in SUMD or SUMO use. The speed in SUMD use is much better and allows a more realistic flight feeling.
Important note on flight simulator use:
When using the conventional connection cable DSC transmitter port - PC USB port the transmitter can be damaged by the electrostatic discharge above the required by the CE directive test voltage! These cables can only be used if you protect yourself by using a wrist strap against electrostatic charges during the operation.
We recommend then the use though the sum signal of the receiver (possible e.g. with the AeroFly simulator). Use your favorite HoTT receiver and the 3-pole connection cable No. 33700.1 or 33700.2. Connect the sum signal output of the receiver and the Dual USB interface of the simulator with the connection cable. The sum signal output of the receiver must be programmed in TELEMETRY → DISPLAY & SETTING → RX SERVO TEST → CH OUT TYPE on SUMO 12 , to be able to use all the special functions of the model. We recommend the RX2SIM USB Multi-Sim adapter #33005 for the use of the HoTT receivers in SUMD instead the SUMO use. The speed in SUMD use is much better and allows a more realistic flight feeling.

Important information
for use with flight simulators:
When using a common
connecting cable DSC socket transmitter - PC USB socket electrostatic discharge may
damage the transmitter!
These cables should be used
only if you are protect against electrostatic discharge during
operation e.g. with a
antistatic wrist strap.

We recommend to us the USB-adapter #33005 with a HoTT receiver and SUMD
setting for wireless use. This gives you also a more realistic flight feeling.
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