Radio Control mz-12 HoTT 6 channels - V1.071

mz-12 HoTT | #S1002 
mz-12 _ENG Version:


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Download Voice-Files Multikopter  Voice3_Multicopter_DE
Other downloads:

- Voice Data
- Handbuch, Manual, Manuel
- Firmware-Upgrade

V1.055 24.02.2015
• EN 300328 1.8.1

V1.056 01.04.2015
• Text is improved

V1.059 15.04.2015
• The new HoTTSync process allows the optional binding global (as before) or strictly with one memory of the transmitter. Selection of binding type: Global or Memory.

V1.062: 31.08.2015
• Vario sound output is changed
In the voice menu trigger, you could select the sensor. In case of selection of AUTO, it will be automatically handled on priority           
           (1) VARIO
           (2) GAM
           (3) EAM
           (4) GPS
• Receiver 32channel, 64channel, 2channel, 4channel could be bound to MZ-12
• In autorotation, output changed from -90% to -100%
• In case of reset of heli model throttle limiter deleted, that has been reset, to the DV control

• Voice announce could be interrupted and the next triggered directly.

• HF ON/OFF even by selection of DSC function

• Completion vario protocol for horizon display in the OSD

• Wireless trainer function connection

Update should be made with Firmware Upgrader

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  • Upgrade issue

    I bought the MZ 12 and it comes with the V1.055. I want to update for the last version but I can not.
    I have cables recommended by Graupner.
    Can you help me?
    I have photos to send you but I do not know how.

  • Answer "Upgrade issue"

    Hello Rui Susana,

    for the update of the mz-12 you need the following cables.

    USB Interface cableHoTT/GM-Genius (No. 7168.6)
    Adapter Cable for USB Interface HoTT / GM-Genius 7168.8 (No. 7168.S)
    Adaptor cable 6466 for 7168.6 (No. 6466.S)

    With this cables you can update your radio control and your receiver.
    For further questions feel free to get in touch with our service via mail (

    Kind regards


  • MZ-12 English Manual

    I have your MZ-12 and enjoy it, but the manual I was able to download for the radio is not very good. Often, the screens shown in the manual do not match the same screen on my radio. Thus, the manual quickly becomes useless. I see that you have an updated manual in Danish, but cannot find an English version. Unfortunately, I do not speak Danish. For that matter, I only speak the American version of English. Since this is Graupner U.S.A., doesn't it seem appropriate to issue updated manuals in English? That would certainly help your American customers. Thank you.

  • Answer "MZ-12 English Manual"

    Hello Mr Koonce,

    you will find our English Manual of the mz-12 directly in the slide "download" on the product mz-12 (S1002)
    Enclosed you will find the link:
    We have no incluence for the American-English version. Here please get in touch again with Graupner USA.

    Kind regards


  • Virtual joystick for simulators

    Hello, I have a MZ-12 v1.071.
    There is a USB cable adapter for use as a virtual joystick for simulators?
    Thank you.

  • Answer "Virtual joystick for simulators"

    Hello Mr Ubbry,

    it is not possible with the mz-12, but is is possible with our new mz-12.PRO

    Kind regards


  • compatability

    Is it possible to connect the MZ-12 to a Spectrum receiver? I'm asking as I would like to fly a Tiny-Woop with my MZ-12.

  • Answer "compatability"

    Hello Louis,

    the Graupner mz-12 is not compatible with Spectrum receiver.

    Kind regards